The United States and the future of the Mexican government have agreed, according to a report on an Asylum system. The “the Washington Post reported” citing high-ranking members of the transition team of the incoming President, Andrés Manuel López Obrado, the on 1. December sworn in. Accordingly, asylum-seekers in Mexico must wait while their cases by U.S. courts will be examined. US President, Donald Trump tweeted: “migrants at the southern border to enter the country in the United States, if their claims are approved to court individually.”

He added: “We will only allow those who come legally in our country.” Otherwise, our very strong policy of Grabbing and Verhaftens attack””. There will be no “release” in the United States. “We will all stay in Mexico.” Once again, Trump threatened with the closure of the border to Mexico. “If it is for some reason necessary, we will close our southern border. Never, the United States will accept after decades of abuse, this costly and dangerous Situation!”

The scheme would make it Central American migrants is significantly harder to reach the United States. The designated Mexican interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero said the “Washington Post”, you have agreed to the “policy of remaining” in Mexico, this is a short-term solution, the medium – and long-term solution is that the people emigrated from their homeland.

Manuel López Obrador is the New President of Mexico: The Anti-Trump, the real Trump is happy

Humanitarian emergency in Tijuana

In the Mexican border town of Tijuana to be housed in a stadium currently, more than 4700 Central American migrants. They come mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – and hope for political asylum in the United States. Thousands more Central Americans Mexican border town in the North on the move – fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. It is estimated that a total of around 10,000 people want to go to Tijuana. There is a “humanitarian emergency” has now been revoked.

A U.S. court was stopped last week by Trump had tightening of asylum rules to the southern border to Mexico temporarily. Thus, such people can apply again for asylum in the United States, have crossed the border illegally. The corresponding injunction will remain at least until a hearing on may 19. December. The President had on 9. November a proclamation was signed, according to the migrants crossing the southern border into the United States illegally, the asylum procedure is denied. The procedure should be, in principle, only at official border crossings.

Trump had claimed, among the migrants, many Criminals and “terribly dangerous people”. Documents he delivered. He had ordered several Thousand soldiers to the southern border, to provide logistical support to the border protection authorities.