Any employees will be hired in 2020

According to the December study of Hays, next year, 46% of employers plan to increase staff. 45% say that increasing the state plan, and will work only on current return. 5% of companies in 2020 are going to freeze all ongoing projects on recruitment, while 4% of employers plan to reduce staff. Surveyed 413 companies. “Vedomosti” found out the plans of the major employers for the next year. Who plans to expand the staff, increase salaries, what specialists are required?

Digital experts

According to the Hays Salary Guide, the most to increase staff in the next year are going e-commerce. This was stated by 100% respondents companies in the industry. Also about the expansion of the state say 88% of medicine and health, 75% of IT-companies, 68% of the companies specializing in industrial equipment (machinery, tools, components), and 67% of employers of hotel and restaurant business and tourism. Companies from the entertainment industry, electric power, Telecom announced that the state expand do not plan to. And companies from the public sector stated that freeze all current projects are recruitment of employees.

Natalia Shcherbakova, Director of sales and marketing of the company “ANKOR”, believes that the trend to transfer business to a digital platform determines the demand for specialists in SMM and digital marketing, and online education. Popular representatives of the social professions (teachers, doctors), workers, drivers, sales workers and skilled professionals, especially in IT (Java developers, Java Script, Phyton, C++, C#, consultants, SAP, etc.), and representatives of the professions at the interface with IT (digital marketers, SMM-specialists, managers of digital projects, etc.), as well as specialists in artificial intelligence and biotechnology. According to Antal Russia the survey, 73% of companies PLAniroot to hire sales professionals in 2020.

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