When Tim Cook Germany is to visit, he can pick and choose the stations. Large Dax-Listed Companies? Traditional companies? Worldwide well-known brands? The doors you would have him all to the ground. But the Apple CEO decided in the context of his current trip to Germany for a visit with the founders of the Yoga App Asana Rebel. The star was present and could speak with the Cook about Fitness Trends, the importance of mindfulness and the development of the Apple Watch.

Strong is the new Slim

is That the chief of the most valuable company in the world, of all things, a Start-up in Berlin, visit Kreuzberg, may surprise at first glance. However, the history of Asana Rebel, which was founded at the end of 2015 in a small apartment, is a success story. Within three years the App for the world market leader in the Yoga Segment, half of the users were living in the United States. For Cook, this is the blueprint of a modern Start-ups: “It is a story of the Power of the App Stores. It shows that a passionate person from any country in the world to start a Business and after a short time the world can be active. My heart jumps for joy when I see something like this,” says Cook the star.

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benefits of The App, like many others of a new ideal of beauty – people want to be strong, not just slim. A Trend that companies like Asana from social networks, Fitness rebel, and also Apple fired. “We both try, that the people would live a healthier life. What this means that each defines for himself,” says Cook. “We want to motivate people, more often, to get up, to move more and to exercise more. People around the world are aware that you need to take more responsibility for themselves. That health means more than once a year, go to the doctor.”

mindfulness as a Trend

However, it is not only the optimization of the body, but also of the spirit. Mindfulness Apps such as Calm or Balloon (developed by Gruner + Jahr, the publisher, in which the star appears) and a better body feeling. The Numbers speak a clear language: The number of new installations in the most popular self-care Apps increased within one year by 36 per cent, of the expenditure of the user as much as 40 percent, such as Apptopia has calculated. And also the number of Apps is increasing. The need for a short Moment of silence is apparently getting bigger.

also Tim Cook: “I think that people nowadays are more stressed. It just happen a lot of things in the world that can distract a. There is so much unrest. Families are separated, sometimes across different countries, constantly on the news raining. All of this adds up, so we need to take more time to find us again.”

“I was surprised at how often I take my phone per day to the Hand”

The group is not entirely innocent. With the iPhone Apple made the Smartphone “socially acceptable”, and so many services competing today for our attention. With the operating system iOS 12 Apple has introduced a feature called “screen time”, which gives a detailed Overview of the Smartphone usage. Apple wants to animate so that people are more conscious about their consumption, thinking.

the New System is Faster, safer, smarter – the new iOS 12 does not make your iPhone better By Malte mansholt

“We want people to use our products too much. That was never our intention,” explains Cook. It is an endeavour to encourage creativity and to offer new possibilities for users. “But you should not use our products all the time.” With screen time you’ve given people a Tool to understand the to help you what you are doing.

The function also has opened the head of Apple of the eye: “I was surprised when I saw how often I take my phone per day to the Hand.” The exact number, he does not reveal (“you”), but she has caused a rethink. He had reduced the number of messages and will now be held with a Report on the current.

The new function is especially for parents of a profit, so Cook: “One is now even able to see what the children do with the phone.” Recently there was a debate about parents who see in the pool more often on the Display of your phone than to your children. Many adults do not more to come of their Supervisory duty, certified lifeguards values. Cook advises such parents to rethink the priorities: “children are only young once. And nothing in the virtual world trumps the relations in the real world and the human exchange.”

“For a new product category, you need patience,”

More time for the important people in your life, and yet everything Important notice – this is the balancing act wanted to create Apple with the first Apple Watch, as she came in front of three and a half years on the market. At that time there were many competitors. Most, however, disappeared again into irrelevance. That you have, lying to Apple’s long-term orientation, Cook: “If one ventures into a completely new product category, you need patience. The business is not over night is huge! And you have to invest heavily.”

to build A good device, not the rich. “At the end of the total package of Hardware, Software, and services is critical.” The Apple Watch, initially by critics as a Flop, derided, has become an important source of Revenue for the company. Apple’s global market share for fitness trackers, is 17 percent.

Test it even calls the emergency doctor, Apple Watch Series 4 in the Test: This watch steals the iPhone on the Show By Christoph Fröhlich

Many analysts believe that Wearables – so with sensor-equipped watches, bracelets, headphones, and co. – are the next big growth market. The expert from CCS Insight, faith, Wearables could provide 2022 for up to $ 30 billion in annual sales. The Forrester analysts are more cautious, and appreciate, the market volume of nine billion. Agree both of them are the fact that Smartwatches are the big growth drivers. Considering only this Segment, the differences are even greater: a third of smart watch comes from Cupertino.

Tim Cook on the ECG function

With the recently announced Apple Watch Series 4 Apple broke new ground: It is the first watch that features a built-in ECG and by the US-American health authority, the FCC has been approved. The function is not available, you will be in the course of the year, initially in the USA via Software-Update. Cook uses the function already on his watch: “Now I can use something I’ve done only a few times in my life, every day. Even several times a day, if necessary.”

For him this is only the prelude to a large-scale Monitoring of the body. “We do the reveal at cars that have Sensors everywhere and lights come on, the us with certain things. But in the case of our body we don’t do this. Now we have something that helps us. I’m really confident in this product category and believe we are only at the very beginning.”

the report of the week on the Road with the Apple in-chief of the rebels – why Tim Cook in Berlin, of all places, at the Yoga pioneers is over

Tim Cook is in Germany: In Berlin, the Apple chief visited the Yoga-Start-up Asana Rebel. In an apartment in Kreuzberg it was founded within a few years, the world market leader. The star has accompanied Cook during his visit.

By Christoph Fröhlich