The Syrian government has accused the rebels to have dozens of missiles with poison gas on the city of Aleppo fired. 107 people had been injured, reported the Syrian state news Agency Sana. The victims suffered from severe respiratory problems.

the rebel groups, to be referred to the accusations as a “lie”. The Syrian air force attacked as a response to the attack on Sunday, however, the first rebel positions in a demilitarized buffer zone in Northern Syria.

The escalation comes just a few days before the new Syria-negotiations in the Kazakh Astana. There want to come together starting on Wednesday, representatives of the Syrian government and some rebels, and of the guarantor powers Russia, Turkey and Iran. The next day the security Council of the United Nations concerned with the situation in the war country.

The foreign Ministry in Damascus, complained on Sunday in a letter to the UN security Council and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), that “armed terrorist groups” dozens of missiles with chlorine gas on residential areas in Aleppo have fired. The government accused foreign States, to the terrorists with the necessary nutrients made available.

According to information from hospitals in Aleppo were admitted on Saturday evening more than 100 people, after the city had parts in the West of Aleppo have been shelled. The state news Agency spread also photos and Videos to be addressed to show how many people with breathing problems in hospitals.

Syrian rebels in the area rejected the accusations as “invented”. If it were “lies aimed to cover up the crimes of the regime against the Syrian people,” said a spokesman for the National liberation front, an Alliance of several rebel groups.

Aleppo had been sustained in December 2016, after long fierce battles between government troops recaptured. The rebels retreated into the nearby province of Idlib. It is the last of the great province of Syria, which is still largely under the control of the predominantly Islamist rebels. Since the end of the fighting in Aleppo had calmed the Situation there.

As a response to the alleged poison gas attack attacking combat aircraft rebel positions between Aleppo and Idlib. The Russian air force have bombed the positions of the terrorists of Aleppo fired at had been, said a spokesman for the Russian defence Ministry on Sunday, the Agency Tass according to.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported heavy explosions to the West and to the South of the city. Information about the victims first. The first attacks on Russia and Turkey negotiated a buffer zone around the province of Idlib since September of this year.