Antonythasan Jesuthasan in the movie ” Dheepan “, by Jacques Audiard. PAUL ARNAUD / WHY NOT PRODUCTIONS

Dheepan, the seventh feature-length film from Jacques Audiard, demonstrates sufficient boldness, and qualities to recommend it. It would not, in fact, in the spirit of the first director who came to place three actors from the indian sub-continent, including two non-professionals, to be the hero of a film about the fate of a family of sri lankan refugees working as guards in a city’s hot suburbs of paris.

As well Deephan looks like-t-he long to a movie realistic strong social commitment and the substrate documentary marked. For one who knows its Audiard, it is evident that this position could not be genuinely held. In fact, nothing very convincing came from this hypothesis, or as to the nature of the conflict that fled from the heroes in Sri Lanka (which is far to be trivial), or as to the manner in which we obtain a title of stay in France (if easy here), nor as to the reality of the French suburbs (which would deserve a little more complexity).

Action, romance, and violence

Two strong points, however, are the filmmaker, as usual : the romance and the action, the romance and the violence. The first of these chapters is by far the more convincing, the more subtle and delicate. A member of the tamil Tigers is burning his uniform at the time of the military defeat of the rebellion. Associated with a a refugee of the civil society and to a young orphan, it creates a false family and a false name, to emigrate. The woman aims the United Kingdom, where lives her cousin, but this will be the France. The three exiles, strangers to one another but brought together by the misfortune, will have to learn to form a family in the context, is rather hostile, of a lodge-keeper in a zone of non-law.

What happens during this acclimation period, entirely filmed in the precincts of the city, the strangeness of the local customs revealed by the look ingenuous of three survivors of the hell, their desire to integrate to find the peace, the learning of their own cohabitation, the temptation of tenderness between the couple as well as between the latter and the girl who is not their own, the desire to flower of skin of the woman to a young dealer on probation, all of this is quite remarkably removed, imbued with finesse and humor.

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