again and again, journals to test the networks of the mobile providers. It focuses on the three Major Telecom, Telefonica and Vodafone, because their own networks. But cheer with the disco, the rent of these networks for their services? “Connect,” wanted to find out for the current issue.

Together with the Partner P3, the journal used a sophisticated Crowdsource methodology to measure the in fact, in the case of the customer’s incoming data speed and network coverage. The clear result: the values are only available with the wireless technology LTE – and not only in the speed (All the info you can find above in our photo gallery). Because the network provider to focus the Expansion on the new technology, even with LTE, really good reception. “Connect,” advises therefore, to book always LTE, if it is offered. How each provider performed, you can find in the photo gallery. The full Test, including the point-scoring and methodology, see

source: Connect