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the flight recorder of stürzter machine found (6.48 PM)cream of Tartar should also have 16-Year-old harassed (6.31 p.m.)auto driver six days after the accident found (2.36 PM)

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+++ 8.12 PM: Hundreds of nails on Federal street +++

distributed Several Hundred of the wrong nails on a stretch of about ten kilometres on the national road 42 in Kamp-Bornhofen in Rhineland-Palatinate have been distributed. As the police said, had discovered several people on Wednesday evening nails on the track. Later, residents were informed that they had observed two people on a scooter, the nails are cast on the street. Officials looking for more witnesses and to determine, because of dangerous interference in road traffic. Together with the fire brigade, the police have picked up the nails in the meantime.

+++ 7.31 PM: One Million Venezuelans flee to the neighboring country, Colombia +++

Colombia more than a Million immigrants from the crisis-ridden neighboring country of Venezuela. “Currently, more than 1,032 million Venezuelans live in our country, around 50 per cent of those who (have left their country),” said the head of the Colombian migration authorities, Christian Krüger, in front of the Congress in the capital, Bogotá.

According to the International organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have already left more than 2.3 of the former, around 31 million people, due to the severe political and economic crisis in Venezuela.

+++ 7.25 PM: According to the study, North Korea’s leadership, violence against women by officials +++

the women in North Korea tolerated are delivered according to a report by the Human rights organization Human Rights Watch, helpless sexual violence by state officials and party functionaries. The organization accuses the leadership of leader Kim Jong-Un in Seoul published a report, to do nothing against the widespread abuse of women and to make the victim silence. “Involuntary sexual contact and violence are so normal in North Korea, that they are accepted as part of everyday life,” it said in a communication to Human Rights Watch, based on Interviews with refugees from the closed country.

+++ 6.48 PM: first black box from crashed machine in Indonesia found +++

After the plane crash in Indonesia, with 189 deaths in the first black box of the crashed machine has been recovered. “We have one of the black boxes found”, – said the head of the national Committee for traffic safety, Soerjanto Tjahjono, the AFP news Agency. It is unclear whether it is the flight data recorder or the voice recorder, which records conversations in the Cockpit.

the pictures showed how two divers in the crash area, an orange-brought-coloured device on a boat. The authorities had already received on Wednesday signals of the black box. Due to the high Waves and the strong current of the black box, the play in the search for the cause of the disaster a Central role, but initially will not be recovered.