Spectacular turnaround in the case of doping to heavyweight Boxer Manuel Charr: was born in Lebanon, lives in Cologne and trained, is likely to be the world champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA). And, although in the case of a voluntary exercise of control by the end of August, steroid abuse had been proven.

According to SPIEGEL information, the results of the doping tests need to be declared for void. The reason is a procedural error of the competent Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (Vada). The Vada has not given Charr and his Team the opportunity to be present at the Opening of the B sample present. But this is prescribed in the regulations. In addition, the B should have been tested sample in a non-officially approved laboratory.


“We know that the B-sample opened, without informing the Charr-bearing about it”, – stated in a Letter of Charrs American lawyer, Patrick English of the relevant world Association WBA. “Lord Charr was clearly taken every opportunity to be present at the Opening of the B sample to be present or to send a representative. Despite three written requests, he was not informed, although it would have been his absolute right.”

Precedents could help Charr

According to the English, the positive Test was invalid. There are a number of precedent cases in which doping offences in a row of similar violations were cancelled. As an example, the lawyer called the Chinese Judo champion Tong Wen, who had been convicted in may 2010 of Clenbuterol doping.

The International Judo Federation had Who then locked for two years and at the world Championships 2009-won gold medal withdrawn. In February 2011, the International court of arbitration for sport (Cas) lifted the ban, because Who had not been to the Opening of the B-sample is invited.

The final decision in matters of Charr. In view of the precedents won’t go for the WBA, presumably, to a process. Neither the world Federation nor the Vada have spoken on request to the operations. Charrs Management, pointed to the floating procedure. Charr itself was not reached for comment.

The end of September, the planned title defense of the world championship against mandatory Challenger Fres Oquendo was known of the positive A been canceled-sample in the short term. In the case of doping should actually be obsolete, could be made up to the fight soon. Charr has always protested his innocence and pointed out that he wanted to await the Opening of the B sample.