Overcrowded classrooms, too few teachers – in Germany’s universities, the money for teaching is missing badly, and then when there is a financial syringe, it goes in the research. So the criticism of the strategy of Excellence – the multibillion-dollar program of the Federal and länder governments to promote top-level research in Germany is in the core. The University of Cologne is an example of this Dilemma.

The University is considered an Elite University. Offers four so-called clusters of Excellence, starting in January 2019, with a lush of money blessings for selected areas of research and need to save anyway. The budget deficit is estimated at around 17 million euros per year, says spokesman Patrick Honecker of the MIRROR. “This is the amount we currently spend per year more than we get over the country’s budget.” Alone, 11 million euros of which was attributable to management expenses, such as Rent and electricity.

Save, delete

The University has saved, therefore, in this year 17 million Euro. In the future, a similar sum is to be saved. Potential you are able to see, among other things, the cost of personnel, as Honecker says.

In clear text: it should be omitted. Who is employed at the University for a limited period, the contract will not be extended, under certain circumstances, but is running out. How many and which jobs will be affected, is reported to be still unclear. It is also expenditure for leased buildings should be reduced. The savings rate affects all the faculties.

at the same time the Uni gets in the framework of the strategy for Excellence of the Federal and state funds in the millions for cutting-edge research. At the University of four so-called clusters of excellence, so certain areas of research were selected for funding. The funds must not be otherwise issued. Exactly how the financial will be the syringe for the Cologne University, after Honecker information is not accurate.

in mid-September had the “excellence Commission” – it consists of the German science Council, German research Foundation (DFG) and the science Minister from the Federation and the countries – decided that 34 universities for 57 of the most convincing research cluster are to receive money. Total: 2.7 billion Euro for seven years. The cluster of excellence is to help the universities to establish internationally visible, competitive research and training facilities. Of students seen, however, is often critical in Cologne.

“This is simply a cynical”

“Excellent in research, and amateurish in the teaching – this is simply cynical,” says Theodor Jost, the First Chairman of the General students ‘ Committee of the University of Cologne (AStA). He calls on the rectorate, to stop the reduction plans. “The austerity plans meet all of you, in particular, the subjects without the supposed status of Excellence. Numerous apprenticeships collapse – without a Plan, how is that supposed to be collected in everyday life.”

Some of the boxes had already been closed. “So it is not allowed to go further,” says Jost. It could not be that the money will be deducted from the teaching, in order to compensate for failures of management. The plans meant that the Humanities and teacher education remained only in tiny Form.

student Senator Imke Ahlen criticized by the austerity measures, fewer students could achieve their degree in the standard period of study. “Then there is simply no lecturers more, you can take care of.” Ahlen called for support from the country: “Would adorn the state government is, finally, the universities from a financing, we would not have these problems. There is no Fort needs set saving rate, but more money and flexibility to improve the study conditions.”

“It also goes to the Status”

The University administration stressed, however, that: It had been shortened for the strategy for Excellence is no money in teaching instead of research. In addition, Honecker is not found, it is only on the finances. “It’s also about the Status,” he says, and is of benefit to students, among other things, in the sense of a image gain.

The rectorate don’t see in any case no Alternative to the reduction plans: “If we continue as in the past, we are eventually able to act,” says the spokesman. The University of Cologne has grown significantly in recent years. The Budget was massively increased: from EUR 450 million in 2007 to 810 million euros in 2017. The number of students has increased within six years from 38,000 to currently, there are 50,000.

it had to with more spending and investment respond, said Honecker. In the meantime, the rush was so big. In addition, the Board will assume that the Uni with the expiry of the current higher education Pact 2020 to get in the future considerably less money than in the past.

The University wants to apply again for the title of excellence-the University, the more funds are connected. The decision will be made in the summer of 2019.