Until shortly before the final whistle, FC St. Pauli led happy in Regensburg and even had the Chance all right, but then the Kiezkicker conceded the balance. 0 display

We must be satisfied with the result,“ was the verdict of Markus Kauczinski. “In the end, the pressure of the Regensburger has become increasingly stronger, and the forces have subsided.”

His team got hold of a passable performance at the 1:1 in the with 15.210 spectators Arena sold out an item and holds it own in the top group of the Second League. Mr Achim Beierlorzer said: “We have more invested, engaged, and willing to pick up the Threesome. This was because St. Pauli is a class force. We had a lot of good actions, the Only thing I did not like is that we have not won.“

threat potential was zero, while

the extension of the contract Had increased two days before this Match Kauczinskis pleasure of Existence? Anyway, he dared to deal with this difficult away game after a long absence and once again with two assault tips. The fear to be defensively vulnerable, had prevented him so far from this Experiment. You should not be the case.

in Spite of aggressive-appearing statements of the game came only hesitantly. Regensburg dominated the action almost continuously, without having to take the hamburgers is equal to the air you Breathe. Which showed, of course, anything for a long time, which would have been worth talking about. The game on the outdoor rinks was completely up to Mats Moeller Daehli in the 40. Minute with a Pass from Sami Allagui on the right side to the sixteen-yard line. The cross pass of the Norwegian was so timed that first the in at the far post lurking Henk Veerman was able to maneuver the ball with the right leg from a short distance over the line. A goal from the vacuum, apart from the fact that the defense of Regensburg has already acted in a few scenes previously vulnerable.

it had taken a half hour before St. Paulis attack was at all noticeable. A head to the ball from Veerman floated leisurely box in the direction of the threat potential was zero. Marvin Knoll was in his old home, such as blocked. The Whistling of those followers, who celebrated him once here, irritating him? Knolls free-kicks sailed anyway, to Nirvana, the passes of the refinement of comrades missed, all too often, his current team. The defense chain of the Kiezelf was, however, reasonably stable. Goalkeeper Robin Himmelmann completed what to him came through. The guests saved their fun 1:0 lead into the break.

Situation in the League is close

With the start of the exchange, initially open. The Scenery picked up, the pace picked up. Knoll awarded the next free-kick from the best Position – in the middle 20 meters in front of the goal by kicking the Ball into the wall. However, the distribution ratios of the first half, were soon restored. At the end of the calculated statistician, 57 percent possession of the upper Palatinate. Sometimes, all the players were in the Hamburg half. No wonder that the Jahn-Eleven fact difficult, this jungle of bodies and legs to penetrate. She seemed in a futile Attack to lose more and more Faith in yourself. But also the counter-game the guests are not lit, so the bottom line is proper football dropped the level of the encounter temporarily.

In the final Phase it was but then again sound. Only the Dutch striker Veerman awarded free-standing, the Chance for a preliminary ruling (82.), and five minutes later it clanged prompt on the other side. Marco Grüttners beam bounced off the post, the rebound was parried heaven, man, marriage, the Keeper drew the third attempt, the ball with the knee and into the net. An unfortunate own goal. Substitute Sebastian Stolze had fired a shot from a tight angle. Kauczinski was torn: “Henk would make the 2:0 and we can get more out of the game to the front. But we had to do it also with a strong opponent.“ Veermann: “my Chance for 2:0 I had hoped that the Keeper of the legs open. He has made, but not far enough.“ And returnees Knoll said: “It was a hot Fight. The Jahn pressed and deserves the compensation.“

Although the Kiezklub improves with the draw on the third place in the standings, the Situation has become in the Second division rather close, because the rivals Greuther Fürth and Bochum play their home games this weekend, each in injury time almost won. Every defeat should henceforth be synonymous with a painful fall in the Tableau. Therefore, it is for St. Paulianer nerve, to look not down, but simply to the front. On Saturday (13 hrs/ Sky and live scores on WELT.de) comes to Dresden to the Millerntor.