As they were in Abu Dhabi together on the victory podium. As the sporty meaningless final race of the formula 1 season in 2018 and wanted to give a touch of a Finger for 2019: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen are the Three that will make up next year, probably for the title.

Hamilton and Vettel, the two dominant drivers this year, stressed that as soon as you compliments made equal to the target drive through each other. “It was an honor and a privilege to ride against Sebastian, and I’m sure our fight will go next year,” said the Briton. Vettel said: “Lewis is the Champion, he deserves it. It was a tough year, but it was a lot of fun. We, the entire Team will do everything to be next year even tougher opponent for him.”


At the press conference, as well as Verstappen was there, both made it clear that they assume that the Red Bull driver will then be involved also. The young Dutchman took the “invitation” in the circle of the greats, even if he was still a bit wary. “Even if we should then have a packet that we can match – simply it is not sure that we need to stop the extreme of Konstanz, Mercedes and Ferrari,” said Verstappen.

Red Bull is no longer expected for 2019, “only a small performance disadvantage,”

After all, he has the Renault engine in the rear, which is for years a weak point, but a Honda generator. Red Bull motor sport coordinator Dr Helmut Marko is sure: “According to the current findings, we will have only a small performance disadvantage.” The Japanese have learned to 2018 as a Partner of the Red Bull B-team Toto Rosso a lot, the tip to be missing in the new season is less than a 15 HP.

In the case of Mercedes, the dominant Team of the past few years, can stay for 2019 everything as it is. After five riders and five constructors ‘ world championship titles in the series, there is no reason for major changes. Tony Ross, who once led Nico Rosberg to the world title, and now Valtteri Bottas managed, as chief engineer to the formula E-Team of Mercedes switches, should not make much difference. The System, to focus on Superstar Hamilton, works, and makes the British becoming stronger.

Ferrari’s most important goal for the upcoming season must be to bring peace to the Team. Whether this succeeds, however, is not sure. Still, it is not clear what are the consequences of the internal power struggle between team boss Maurizio Arrivabene and technical Director Mattia Binotto will have: Binotto, because Arrivabene still gets all the Power, that would be a big loss for Ferrari.

Vettel needs time for yourself

another variant: Ferrari boss John Elkann is considering, apparently, whether he puts the two disputants, so to speak, someone “on the nose”, in order to ensure order. A decision is yet. What is for sure: With the young Charles Leclerc Vettel gets a new, ambitious team members who will try everything to put him under pressure. Vettel says he need some time for yourself.

If the three protagonists are, and understand so well as the season finale, when it really is about everything, is questionable. In Abu Dhabi, already in holiday and leisure mood, was for a time a fashionable Comedy. As Hamilton, Vettel offered at the press conference a SIP of his self-created Energy Drink, politely declined: “I’d rather drink Red Bull.” And Verstappen said, grinning: “Come to us, we still have quite a lot of it.”

On the question, what are you planning for the Winter, turned to Hamilton to Vettel: “a Baby?” The counter: “no, this is already done. But if you need any tips: I know how to do that.” What Hamilton and Verstappen said they would operate in ways rather a bit of “free Training”.

Hulkenberg-Crash is the only fun brake

it was in Abu Dhabi in the first place to have fun was felt throughout the weekend. Hamilton had prior to the Start of a lot of time with US Superstar Will Smith spent, with whom he is good friends. A common stupid video of the two landed immediately in the social networks.

The relaxed atmosphere would have been stopped in the first lap of the race almost a year As Nico Hulkenberg and Romain Grosjean touched so unhappy that the Renault in the German on the wheel of the Haas ascent, remained lying overturned, and on the head against the edge of the track leaning.

By the Halo gave it to Hulkenberg no Chance to get out of the car – exactly the scenario in front of the critics always warned. Mainly because at the rear of the Renault licking flames. “Right, the wall was in the way, to the left of the Halo. And Asphalt is a gap of 30 or 40 centimeters. Therefore, I was hoping that the Marshals are coming quickly. The super responsive and did a good Job,” said Hulkenberg. The fire was extinguished, the marshals put the car back on the wheels, the German was able to independently get out and got out without injury.

it has Helped him, especially the very stable structure of the roll construction of the cars has to do with the Halo. “I don’t know how the Situation is without a Halo would have looked like,” said Hulkenberg. “But one way or the other, the Halo is there, we must accept the fact.”

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