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politics is complicated. This is a truism, but perhaps you can repeat in the Moment of pause, the Angela Merkel on Monday, has issued. Nobody knows if your Plan is to stand without party leadership as Chancellor, can work. Maybe you don’t believe in them himself. But the light-hearted way, with the help of which you announced your decision, could not have been a liberation only for themselves. If the window has opened, will not hit immediately, then the Union could, it is the whole country could go to experience a moment of openness, in which it asks itself, how it more. Merkel’s policy was more than political. She had something Philosophical, it corresponded to an attitude to the world.

Merkel’s often described pragmatism was also a strategy to cope with the complexity of the world finished. It suggested two things. On the one hand, a very few, very simple substantive principles. That you have to show the refugees a friendly face to, for example, and that you’ll create in the Rest of the””: the ethical principle of your late years was. That should allow Eurobonds never was the right political Conviction, and the tone of her early work. Secondly, the simplified Merkel the policy by you personalized like no Chancellor before her. You set the Action to your Person and personality, their style, their way of negotiating and communicating.

Merkel simplified the world

one of the definitions of populism, gives simple answers to complex questions, according to another, he replaces rationality by emotion. Many thought Merkel therefore, for the unpopul relativistic politician par excellence: If at the Moment of excitation, after the Brexit vote, for example – all a huge, pathetic gesture expected, was Merkel always good to existing rules, or months ago, out position papers was to remember. No one had in these hours of pleasure on a political grey bread. It was, however, still the procedural basis, with the events ready. Inimitable, and also rhetorically a masterpiece, like Merkel, Donald Trump remembered after his election victory to the self-evident truths of Western liberalism.

Angela Merkel simplified the world. Only they did it differently than the so-called populists: by policy, the light on the one hand, radically objective and their Protestant pressed-under emotionality only for really blatant change of direction picked up. And by they separated on the other hand, personal style and personal ethics never political. Personally, sincere was for Merkel to the political right, with the way of her retreat, she confirmed this once more. They made use of a moral emotion of many a German: the desire to be able to the complexity and General Corruption of the world nor a morally upstanding position and represented.

The question is: What kind of world simplification comes next?

Some potential answers to this question a long time ago, the evening, about you it takes a lot of fill news. Who’s afraid of the Chancellery, would soon fall like Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro prey, the fears, perhaps a little Absurd. Realistic in the style of a European right-wing populists such as Sebastian would be Short or Viktor Orbán. Since the self is celebrated and cultural, without much Understatement, it is the enemy Inside are intimidated and Outer time demonstratively, and complex problems will be so crushed that not one has self-discipline or their own voters. To discipline the other: the migrants, the refugees, the Euro-Mediterraneans, the Weaker.

Caritas and savings Commissioner

Germany has with this national egotism of Exercise, as it thinks. His self-perception is distorted badly because it believes that since the refugee the fall of 2015, the Caritas of the continent. At least, in parallel, be budget Commissioner. In a lot of to rare-designated connection between the refugee and the Euro crisis, the ethical and regulatory principle to stand against Merkel’s.

the right wing of The CDU, in particular, Jens Spahn, has already left some populist fragrance brands, which could have him back in the vicinity of Sebastian Kurz. The necessary self-centeredness Spahn had since. His letter of application to the CDU presidency in the FAZ suffers from hardly to be solved contradiction, that it promises to be a concentration on the “innate Union, issues of security and the rule of law”, but at the same time a popular party expansion to all sides, not only to the camp of the AfD, but also in the Green. Like the Latter, with its signal of remark is tolerated, the Migration was “the white elephant in the room” and Germany learn “continues to be an annual unordered, predominantly male immigration of the order of magnitude of cities such as Kassel or Rostock”, remains his secret.