It was not a long Text, the Alexander Nathan Barter in the Darknet posted. But only a short call. Barter sought help. Because he wanted to live out his inclinations: “and I would like to try out necrophilia and cannibalism, and see how it feels to take a life”, should he, according to Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote. “I would like to do this as quickly as possible. I must really have something against my intense bloodlust business.” He left behind two encrypted Email addresses so you could contact him. And, at least, a man answered him.

A man wrote to him, offered him his little daughter. “Beautiful! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill them?” should have replied to Barter, reports US media. The 21-Year-old seemed to be his intention to be a good bit closer to it. Over several days, the men mail wrote, working on your Plan. The father should buy new clothes, so you could move on after the murder. A Hotel was selected, and the camouflage discussed: Officially it should go to a Hiking trip. After the crimes of the father should say that the child ran away. “I’m not going to change my mind. I really want to do this”, – quotes the statement of Barter.

Sharon “La Pistolera” Kinne, The frail housewife who was a murderer – and without a trace from her cell disappeared From Finn Rütten

On the 19. In October, it was to the extent that Barter should be to meet victims and to the father. But meticulously he had planned in the days before his crime – to him the police were already on the track. Because the “father” was an undercover investigator for the Texas Department of Public Safety, made together with a whole Task Force, supported by agents of Homeland Security – hunting down the man. Winding paths specialists made the search for Barter in the network. And came up to him. At the agreed meeting point in the forest, there was no “daughter”, but a posse of armed policemen. Barter was arrested, police discovered at his plastic garbage bag and a knife.

Childhood in prison, Jordan is said to have murdered at the age of eleven. After seven years in prison: He was innocent,

Jordan Brown is said to have shot and killed when he was eleven, his pregnant stepmother. There is no solid evidence, only the testimony of his seven-year-old half-sister charged him. Jordan will be sentenced. In the summer of 2018, he was released as innocent from prison.

Fast-offender is grateful for the arrest

Barter sitting since the middle of October in prison. He was charged for conspiracy to commit a capital crime, and thus, possibly, life long in prison now. US media reports that Barter was initially a student at the Joaquin High School, and later he is supposed to have in a local authority and then, in a food factory worked.

search a success 20 years Ago, the little Nicky died, now the police have his alleged killer caught AFP

According to the police, Barter happy about his arrest – because he hadn’t brought under control, and his Plan implemented. “This is not someone who plays role-playing games. When he was arrested, he showed up with a knife … he felt committed the crime. He thanked the agent in fact that you have him stopped,” said Sheriff Ivey. The policeman referred to the project have barter’s as the “abnormal case” in the course of his four decades in the police. “For me, it is hard to imagine that such monsters are among us, disguised as people,” says Ivey. Over the investigators, he was silent in order to protect his identity.

“The Darknet and the people that hang around there, as a growing threat to the safety of our children,” said the district attorney of Shelby, Stephen Shires, to the American media. “Parents should be vigilant and be aware of what your children are doing on the Internet.”