it was just two years old. His last column, launched as a call for resistance. “I’m going to and I want that you me to join…”, November 26, 2016, in the columns of the Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway, one of the stars of the journal, announced three things : that she was stepping down after thirty-one years working for the prestigious English daily newspaper business ; she became a professor of math ; and that it created NowTeach, a foundation to help those who were made in the business to become a teacher in the public schools in difficulty. His call resonates still, today, on the website of the foundation : “You had a career to success. Now do something more important ! Teach ! “

For the Financial Times, week after week, it disséquait until then the life of the sub frames in their natural habitat – the meeting rooms, open-space… –, even scoffed at the thought of PowerPoint, charters and missions of the enterprise, the enthusiasm for the disruption, goodwill, or any other concept managerial in vogue. She has anticipated the crisis of meaning of the life of the framework before the term ” bullshit job “, created five years ago by the anthropologist David Graeber, is not to the mode. She deconstructs, she noted, to have a desire to build.

” My friends and colleagues have told me that I was courageous. I understood that it meant completely waisted… ” Lucy Kellaway

Lucy Kellaway has considered that the world had more need of teachers that its chronic. She was expecting a few dozen responses to his call to teach. She has received a thousand. After excluding those who had responded too quickly, those who loved the idea but had not realized that he would have to do that in real life, those who are all things considered preferred to continue to earn money, those who did not have enough of degrees, diplomas, or too…