more and more foods in supermarkets is find the blue “regional window”, the customer should bring more clarity about regional origin. Five years after the Start, in the meantime, 4200 products have, according to the Association indicator.

As a licensee 790 providers are registered. Most of it is used for fruit, vegetables, potatoes and herbs – in addition, in the case of meat and sausages, milk and milk products, processed products such as noodles as well as eggs, fish, flowers, and ornamental plants. The use of the logo is for food manufacturers and distributors on a voluntary basis.

The regional window will show where the main ingredients come from, and where they were processed. The Region needs to be smaller than Germany. Possible a province, a circle, or information such as “from the Eifel” or “100 kilometers to Aachen”. The first principal must be an ingredient in 100 per cent of the Region – just like the “valuable ingredients”, so about cherries in cherry to give yogurt. In the case of composite products, the sum of regional raw materials in percentage is specified.