Freiburg’s Lord mayor, Martin Horn (independent) has deactivated after hostility on the Internet, his Accounts on Twitter and Instagram. In the Wake of the alleged gang rape of an 18-Year-old had reached the Ob in the social media insults and death threats, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The mass of the messages is to no longer cope. The 33-Year-old, of the communicated so far, very active on social media, but more on Facebook to reach. So he wanted to show that he wegducke.

on the night of the 14. October is said to have been raped a young woman after a Disco visit by several men in Freiburg. Eight seats in custody – seven Syrians, at the age of 19 to 29 years of age and a 25 year old German. Horn had warned after the fact to condemn refugees as a lump sum and had been attacked from the right circles.


Freiburg’s Lord mayor, Martin Horn (archive photo) warned after the alleged gang rape in his city before that to place refugees under a General suspicion.

©Patrick Seeger DPA Freiburg: dispute arrest warrant against Suspicious protests in the city centre, “Of these men we do not want to be protected” – Freiburg, the AfD Demo and the views of the rape

the Opposition in The baden-württemberg state Parliament is meanwhile, the CDU-led interior Ministry. FDP leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke demanded on Wednesday in Stuttgart enlightenment as to why the since 10. October of this warrant against one of the main suspects, initially, was not completed. SPD Deputy parliamentary group chief Sascha Binder said: “The population has the right to know the grounds on which the warrant has not actually been enforced.”

The interior Ministry said, the actual whereabouts of the suspects had not been secured – that’s why the police internally and determination tactical reasons, had been charged with “the investigation Department with the further implementation of several coordinated in-law of procedural measures”.

Meanwhile, Strobls Secretary of state Julian Würtenberger, Freiburg’s police Commissioner Bernhard Rotzinger, and mayor Martin Horn met on Wednesday morning in the Freiburg city hall, to discuss the security situation in the city. About results nothing was initially known. Horn had called on Monday for more police officers for his city.

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