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1961 depended on the New York Times Square read, at the corner of Broadway and 46. Road, a promotional poster with the inscription: “Now a better way! Tassette: not a tampon, not a napkin!” Including the Illustration of a Tulip and a Hand holding a small bag. The Company Tassette, Inc. was there advertising for a menstrual Cup, which, however, was not a commercial success in the seventies, the company went Broke again. The campaign was already the second attempt by Leona W. Chalmers in an attempt to bring menstrual cups to the masses. The Patent had already registered in 1935.

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The results of a quick Google Search, as I want to find out who invented this milestone in the history of Menstruation. Strangely enough, the Knowledge of menstrual cups until a few years ago, word filtered down to me. I’m in the Nineties and zero years, even with Tampons and pads grew up. In my world, menstrual cups are the last hot Shit on the subject of period, I’ve only discovered two years ago in a small neukölln vegan store: a slightly larger thimble made of soft medical silicone that the woman is using, and in which the rule of blood collects. In the meantime, he is in normal chemist shops. I don’t remember large advertising campaigns, rather, it was mouth-to-mouth-Propaganda. What I consider as the first profit, the the Cup says it all: At once there was an occasion to speak with Friends and colleagues about Menstruation.

“Now a better way” – the poster from 1961, therefore, could be Readily re-suspended. And it would not be noticed particularly, that the product itself is merely indicated by a Tulip. Even today, advertising for menstrual article is allusive and unartikuliert, one thinks of the much-criticised blue liquid that is supposed to symbolize in television commercials the menstrual blood.

happened in the meantime so nothing? Why we discover an 80-year-old idea now? The question mark is even bigger if you look at the long list of advantages: The menstrual Cup can be worn for up to twelve hours, without you empty, what are not merely traveling. It does not dry out the Vagina. It holds that, once properly in Position, better sealing, and there is no cord to get out. You can swim with your easily and go Jogging. In addition, it avoids mountains of tampon waste, since a Cup can be used for up to ten years every month. And above all: It saves a lot of money. On the free market, this is usually the Argument, that beats everything. And in this case, the solution to a tangible Problem: Tampons and pads are expensive. Until today, a luxury in Germany for you to tax of 19 percent is due instead to a reduced tax rate of seven percent for products of daily needs. In the UK there is even the concept of a period of poverty for women and girls who do not go in during your period to school or work because they can’t afford Tampons.

And now there is a small Utensil that solves flick, this is a Problem with a finger. Freedom of movement is granted. Independence guaranteed. And yet, for decades, is not on the market could claim. It is the invisible power structures that are along the line of these facts, cracking noticeably.

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