Donald trump’s schedule over swells in the rule. The President did not show up before 11 p.m. in the Oval Office and say goodbye to already against 16 clock again from his office in the White house, reported the US news page “Axios” at the beginning of the year, citing copies of trump’s private schedule. How much of this over many hours of unstructured work day of the 72-Year-old to shape his presidency, has analyzed the US-newspaper “Politico” now, on the basis of new calendar entries, to which the sheet has received data access.

Accordingly, Trump had planned for the last Tuesday, about three times as much free time as working time. At more than nine hours of Executive Time had been provided for””, a euphemism for the unstructured time, in which the President tweeting, and calling friends and watching TV. Official Meetings, policy Briefings, and public appearances – typical daily work as President, would have hardly taken more than three hours.

the first duty of appointment to 11.30 a.m. Only five hours in the Oval Office? Secret calendar entries: Donald Trump should just keep to 16.15

Trump should work according to “Politico” on Tuesday to schedule 30 minutes with industry bosses on the phone and at a Meeting of government members of several U.S. States a short speech. In the evening he had high-level military leaders, to inform and to dinner. Apart from a Meeting at 11.30 am with the White house chief of staff, John Kelly, and his first commitment on Tuesday – had been unstructured to the Rest of the day, partly in blocks of up to two hours and 45 minutes.

The private detailed schedules of the President from Monday, the 22. October to Friday, 26. October, showed that he had on Tuesday more leisure time than on any other day this week, writes “Politico”, however, Trumps Agenda had been on the other days in a similar way. Only two of the five days, the actually daily the President was scheduled Briefing. And in a week, in the wave of letter-bombs to leading Democrats and critics of the US President held the whole country in suspense.

Trump is not the first American President that has plan an unusual time. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson led in the middle of the night phone calls, George W. Bush appeared to 6.45 PM in the Oval Office and Barack Obama is a night owl. But even Trump’s supporters, claiming that the President is working constantly, according to “Politico” that his office, as none of his predecessors can be defined by its time-outs, if his whims and short-term bugbears push his Agenda, and not long-term visions.

Donald Trump wanted more “time to Think”

“He could read something in the newspaper and immediately a spontaneous Meeting on the topic of trade would take place”, – quotes the sheet “with the scheduling of the President’s trusted Person”. “It’s just spontaneous, as if you put a month in advance of a policy roadmap, the to work then.”

“New York Times”insider report Twelve diet coke, hours of television: This is Donald trump’s life

Trump was accustomed to his business largely by phone from the Trump Tower out of the process, so he get nervous when it consecutive meetings of his or her phone or the TV were gone, according to “Politico”, relying on multiple current and former employees of the White house. The “Executive Time” was the answer of the chief of staff Kelly on complaints from the President that he had under Kelly’s predecessor, Reince Priebus to a lot of appointments and “no time to Think”.

at the beginning of the reign there had always been problems, because Trump have complained, if there are too many things had been on his schedule, said according to the newspaper, a former adviser to the White house. “But if the little things were on his schedule, complained the senior staff, because he was left to fend for themselves and more time spent watching TV or calling people, or calling an unscheduled advisers into the Oval Office.”

“lack of structure leads to lack of discipline”

Some of the employees in the White house, insisted that Trump was during his non-scheduled time productive and deputies, Cabinet members and heads of government from all over the world on the phone, as well as Meetings plan, instead of just watching TV, more reported by “Politico”. A helper have described the President even as a “Workaholic”. Nevertheless, it is unclear how much Thinking and Work in this time actually takes place and how much goes for it, to Tweet, to sit in front of the television, Clapping, and friends and allies on the phone to air out.

last week, Trump had posted during his non-scheduled time, dozens of his typical, due to the TV coverage inspired by the Tweets, the newspaper writes. So the President had complained on Friday morning during a three-hour “Executive Time” – Blocks that the attempted letter bomb attacks – “this bomb stuff,” as he called him – had driven the reporting on the midterm elections from the news.

analysis of the elections in the United States With these brazen lies of Donald Trump election campaign Of Marc Drewello

During a further block of free time Trump has criticised a of the New York Times published a story that revealed that Chinese and Russian intelligence officers routine is listening its unsecured phone calls. The article was not “long and boring” and “so flawed, that I have the time to correct him … story is soooooo wrong!”, tweeted the President.

trump’s call for a White house that is geared to react to his immediate impulses – the good and the bad – will prove to be a defining characteristic of his presidency, writes “Politico”. “Various presidents spend their time differently, and it makes sense that his schedule reflects his preferences, to a certain extent”, said the former adviser to President George W. Bush and current Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center Yuval Levin. “But the lack of structure leads to a lack of orderly decision-making and discipline that can be given to the requirements of the Jobs a big Problem.”

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source: “Politico” / “Axios”