Mr Wiesendahl what Angela Merkel means announced the withdrawal of the CDU? It was the right step?

Yes, the step was long overdue. The bad election results in Bavaria and Hesse have shown that Merkel’s failed strategy of Opening to the CDU, to the red-green electorate. Now the party needs a course correction – and without Merkel.

Some already have their hat in the Ring what is thrown as Merkel’s successor in the party leadership. Who do you think has the best chances?

This is not yet possible to say with certainty. But there are wings so far, especially the people of the Party: Jens Spahn from the conservative wing, Friedrich Merz from the liberal. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is too closely linked to Merkel to it, so that the party can, under your leadership, again, become independent. But there is still one that has not yet: Armin Laschet, the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia.

How do you estimate the chances of Friedrich Merz? His advantage is that he has played in the CDU in the last years not matter?

To the Person Dr. Elmar Wiesendahl Urs Kluyver

party researchers, and taught political science at the University of the Bundeswehr, in Munich, in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2010, he works for the Agency he co-founded for political strategy.

Merz is to long out. In the election for party Chairman, it always depends on what battalions can be brought behind. In addition, his candidacy with the other candidates from the NRW-Landesverband collide, the strong weight within the CDU. Merz is with the support of the liberal wing some votes. But he will not make the race.

Would you like the SPD rates for a personal renewal?

Because of the disastrous election results in Bavaria and Hesse: Yes. Now, you actually need someone New who takes responsibility. On the other hand, the SPD has worn out many a Chairman without improvement of the situation. I think it is the last Chance for Andrea Nahles. If you are not now a clear lead, it is not in six months, SPD Chairman.

Would be the CSU without Horst Seehofer at the top?

Yes, the CSU is in need of renewal. With Markus Söder has happened already. However, Söder bears responsibility for the strategy of the Polarisierens that has gone on in the election campaign of the mark. I think you will push Horst Seehofer, the sole blame in the shoes. And if Seehofer resigned, fills Söder – if he’s smart – the vacuum, the Seehofer.

What is the meaning of Merkel’s announced departure for the AfD and all the “Merkel way!”-Voters?

Seehofer after Merkel-retreat Dear Horst, isn’t it time? REUTERS

The fixation on Angela Merkel is important for the AfD. Now Merkel is kicked to the back, but basically there is no new situation. As long as Merkel remains Chancellor, the AfD is still their cardboard figure. The AfD needs Merkel. But the end of Merkel as a Chancellor will not be the end of the AfD. The party will stabilize at a lower level.

Merkel has said that she sees in its retreat a “Chance for the people’s parties CDU, CSU and SPD”. They now expect a Renaissance of the people’s parties? Or anyway, it is a category, we must say good-bye?

The Era of the people’s parties a long time ago. The descent has already begun in the 1980s, was only masked by Merkel’s Between. We are experiencing an extension and a differentiation of the German party landscape. Union and the SPD have a lot of their earlier integration of power lost. In order for a party comes to 30 per cent, that must be a huge effort. We are on the way to Medium parties – the SPD, even on the way to the small party.