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policeman before the game Rostock against Nürnberg warning shot (16.12 PM)is not running Laschet, CDU-chair (14.10 hours), and the main train station in Munich again (13.49 PM)birth rate in 2017 fell slightly (8.09 PM)

Only a third of the brand new tank ready to use (4.34 PM)

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+++ 20.48 PM: Pompeo wants to talk with North Korea over inspectors +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo wants to talk in the next week with his North Korean counterparts on the deployment of U.S. inspectors to Monitor the Atmoanlagen in the Communist country. The Pompeo said in an Interview with Fox News. It’s going to be inspections at two specific facilities. North Korea had already stated weeks ago, in principle, willing to let foreign experts to Monitor the nuclear facilities in the country.

+++ 19.39 PM: Due to painting forgeries of Finnish married couples to several years behind bars +++

A court in Helsinki has sentenced the married owner of an art gallery due to the sale of hundreds of counterfeit paintings to the met more years in prison. The 46-year-old Kati Marjatta Karkkiainen must-have for four years behind bars, the 75-year-old Reijo Pollari for five years. In addition, the couple was ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 13 million euros. Eight other defendants have up to three years in prison. The court saw it as proven that the Duo buyers and auction fake houses by output fake paintings as originals by Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Kandinsky and others. Numerous forgeries of Russian painters from the romantic period, as well as the Finnish artists Helene Schjerfbeck and Albert Edelfeldt.

+++ 18.28 watch: Trump wants to move for Modification of the birth-right, if necessary, before the Supreme court +++

US President Donald Trump wants to go for the planned restriction of the citizenship right, if necessary, to the Supreme court. “The case will be decided by the Supreme Court of the United States,” wrote the US President on Twitter. Trump wants to achieve that in the future, not more of each on the floor of the United States-born child is automatically a US citizen. Children of foreigners residing illegally in the United States, should be excluded. “The so-called birth right that our country costs billions of dollars and very unfair to our citizens, one way or the other ended,” tweeted Trump. On Tuesday, he had announced that his project, by a decree of implement. Many lawyers doubt, however, that Trump may cancel the since around 150 years ago in a constitutional amendment, written into law simply by decree.

+++ 18.20: the court: walkers are allowed to freely fend off roaming dogs +++

hikers may take a court decision according to effective defensive measures if you, a stranger, not fishing inter dog without the control of his Keeper approaches. This decision was not only related to Rhineland-Palatinate, but applies whenever a hazard prevention regulation was in force, said a spokeswoman for the higher regional court of Koblenz (Oberlandesgericht, OLG). The court of appeal upheld the decision (Az.: 1 U 599/18) a judgment of the district court of Mainz.

a Jogger who was with his leashed dog in the woods had Complained. As the dog is a walking pair of ends coming at him, he asked it, not the dog on the leash to call back. On the Call, the dog did not respond. In the experiment, the animal with a tree Branch to keep from slipped off the Jogger. He suffered a tear of the patellar tendon and needed surgery.

From the point of view of the stroller wanted to umtänzeln his dog but only the dog of the Joggers and play with her, but was not aggressive. The district court noted that the dog must stick holder. This, in turn, appealed against the judgment and did not want to be liable, according to the OLG for the damage, because the joggers don’t have to fend off the dog.

+++ 18.15: Russian police officers raping young colleague +++

Three high-ranking Russian police of the city of Ufa officers are been arrested for the rape of a 23-year-old colleague. The investigative Committee of the capital of Bashkortostan informed about 1160 miles East of Moscow. The alleged perpetrators are the Police chiefs of two city parts, 50 and 51 years of age, as well as the 34-year-old head of the municipal registration office. Will be determined because of group rape. Up to ten of detention in Russia.

+++ 17.25 PM: seven and a half years of imprisonment: a friend of the abuse of the daughter +++

get caught Because he needs the ten-year-old daughter of his girlfriend on several occasions, the sexual abuse is a 32-Year-old in Bonn to seven and a half years in prison sentenced. The district court said the man due to severe child abuse. His girlfriend had caught him in the act, as he passed at night heavily drunk to the child. In the opinion of the court it was over a period of two years to at least five Attacks. to protect

To their children, had placed the 31-Year-old protectively to their children, as they had uncovered the abuse in the last April. Then she had been from the man in front of the eyes of their children, and strangled beaten. Nevertheless, it has managed to make an emergency call. When the police appeared, resulted in an alcohol test of 1.42 parts per thousand at the time. The abused child is needed, he must, according to a judgement of € 10,000, the mother of 1500 euros for Pain and suffering pay.

The judge ordered his placement in a rehab clinic. The sexual and violent Attacks had always taken place when he was drunk. Since he was 14. The age of the man drinking excessive alcohol. Without therapy, the chef will stay dangerous, the court found.

+++ 17.15: Missing Boy will soon return to Bavaria +++

for Almost a year and a half was gone to her nine-year-old son without a trace – now a woman from the Bavarian district of Rosenheim can close the boys again soon in the arms. The father should have taken the child in the spring of 2017, and the mother was deprived of, the police announced. The then eight-year-old from Wasserburg am Inn to visit with his father in the upper Bavarian Gilching – since then both were gone. At the time of his entry into Dublin, the Irish authorities were to become the boy’s attention. Since the end of September, the Boy is in the custody of the authorities in Ireland, and soon after Bayern brought back.

British authorities had already taken a couple of weeks ago the boy’s father. Against the man, a European arrest warrant. He was transferred on Tuesday after Germany and sitting since in Untersuchungshaft. To him, the German investigators accuse the deprivation of a minor son.

+++ 16.56 PM: Pakistan acquits Christian – Islamists, the death of the judge +++

you should have disparagingly commented on the prophet Muhammad. – After eight years on death row because of blasphemy convicted Christian woman Asia Bibi has been spoken in Pakistan. The decision of the Supreme court, the death sentence against the 51-Year-old, broke in the predominantly Muslim country of anger radical Islamic groups. Thousands blocked the capital Islamabad’s streets and looted government buildings, authorities said. In Lahore, attempted followers of a radical group to storm the regional Parliament. The government has sent authorities, according to soldiers in the larger cities. Leader of the radical group, Tehreek-e-and excellence Pakistan (TLP) resulted in the death of the judge.

The five-fold mother, Asia Bibi, was accused of having a dispute with Muslim women in her village made derogatory comments about the prophet Mohammed voiced. She was taken 2009 and in the following year, according to an internationally controversial blasphemy law had been sentenced to death. This had sparked criticism.

+++ 16.12 watch: COP is in front of the game in Rostock against Nürnberg warning +++

Before the Cup game of FC Hansa Rostock against the 1. FC Nürnberg is in Rostock riots. In the case of a dispute between two smaller groups of Fans of both teams a warning shot was delivered, the police announced. No one was hurt. About 350 Nuremberg Fans were taken into custody, the police recorded the person alien. According to a police spokesperson, several hundred followers of 1. FC Nürnberg have already arrived in the morning and so many hours before the start of the game with coaches in Rostock. According to the initial findings of the police, roamed the individual groups of the area of the shipyard triangle, met FC Hansa Fans and provoked them. The police managed to separate the leaving of these groups. In one case, an official had given a warning shot.

+++ 15: 28: Laschet: In the present constellation no application to CDU-Chairman +++

The North Rhine-Westphalian CDU Chairman and Prime Minister, Armin Laschet will not apply to the successor Angela Merkel at the head of the Federal CDU. Laschet told reporters on Wednesday in Düsseldorf, in view of the planned separation of the CDU party chair and the Chancellery, he hold the office of the government in the largest province for not having the CDU Federal Chairman compatible.

+++ 15.12 PM: Turkish justice: Khashoggi was in the Consulate +++

The Saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi strangled been strangled, according to the findings of the Turkish justice shortly after Entering the Consulate of his country in Istanbul. Then, the 59-year-old government critic, had been dismembered, said the Istanbul Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. The talks with the Saudi Arabian General Prosecutor to the case, would arise in the last days, no “concrete results”.

+++ 13.57 PM: Five years in prison for 70-Year-old after a knife attack on refugees +++

The Heilbronn regional court has sentenced a 70-Year-old due to the planned killing of refugees to five years in prison. The man was acquitted on Wednesday for attempted murder and dangerous bodily injury, and in three cases guilty. The German was given at the 17. To have February on the market square in Heilbronn with a kitchen knife, four young men stabbed, which he held for asylum seekers. The verdict is not yet legally valid (Az.: 1 Ks 11 Js 5478/18).

A 17-year-old Afghan was seriously injured, a 25-year-old Iraqi and a 19-year-old Syrians easily. The fourth Attacked wich three stitches and was unharmed escape. The defendant had said after his arrest that he went to protest against the refugee policy in Germany. One of the reviewers attested to the fact alcoholic and a sick man, debt capacity decreased.

+++ 13.48 PM: the main train station in Munich again +++

The closures at the Munich Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof have been repealed. Two suspicious duffel bags turned out to be harmless. At the Munich Ostbahnhof’ve been out of the examined piece of Luggage as a sliding screen, which was wrapped with foil, said a spokesman for the Federal police on Wednesday afternoon. To whom is the glider belongs to, is still unclear.

+++ 12.59 PM: the main train station in Munich partially blocked – traffic is lame +++

Because of two suspicious duffel bags are locked in Munich, parts of the main railway station and the East railway station. At the main station, almost the entire train service was paralyzed, because the ticket hall and the concourse were locked, as a spokeswoman for the Federal police announced on Wednesday. At Ostbahnhof, track 1 and 2 and the main entrance are not accessible. Specialists of the police should watch the tape-wrapped bags now in more detail. To whom they belong, was initially unclear.

+++ 12.33 PM: 1.1 kg heavier “lion-emerald” in Zambia found +++

In Zambia, a more-than-a-kilogram emerald has been found. The bright green crystal with 5655 carat had been discovered in the mine, Kagem, in the Central province of Copperbelt geologists, the company said Gemfields.

The crystal was sold at auction in November in Singapore. The value of a precious stone Gemfields guess. Prices for emeralds are commitments in comparison to diamonds very hard to advance, it said. Ten percent of the proceeds will benefit two animal protection organizations, with which Gemfields in Zambia, works together, the company said.

+++ 12.24 PM: the Defective Sensor caused a false start by Soyuz rocket +++

A faulty Sensor, according to preliminary Russian data, the false start of the manned Soyuz rocket on may 11. October caused. The head of manned Russian spaceflight, Ex-cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljow said, according to media reports in Moscow. Therefore, there have been problems in the separation of the first from the second rocket stage, he said. Officially, the Russian space Agency, Roscosmos, plans to introduce on Thursday the result of a Commission that investigated the incident.

The carrier rocket of the type Soyuz-FG had broken down two minutes after take-off from the world-space terrain Baikonur in Kazakhstan into its individual parts. The built-in security system brought back the spaceman Sergei Ovchinin and Nick Hague, should fly to the International space station, ISS, unharmed to the earth.

+++ 12.09 PM: 420 Kilogramm Cannabis in RV +++

inspectors with the Greek coast guard Greek port city of Patras 420 kilograms of Cannabis hidden in the West ensured. Three suspected drug dealers had been taken in the use of solid, informed the Greek coast guard. The drugs were hidden in a hollow space of a motorhome. The investigators suspect that the three alleged drug dealers bring the drugs to Italy, said an officer of the coast guard of the German press Agency. Albania, the Greek Peninsula, the Peloponnese as well as Crete are regarded as regions with the largest Cannabis production in Europe.

+++ 11.24 am: 17-Year-old dies in suspected assassination attempt on the Russian secret service +++

In the case of an alleged assassination attempt on the Russian domestic intelligence service, the FSB, a man is killed. According to the investigating authorities a 17, was killed-Year-old on Wednesday in the FSB-branch in the city of Arkhangelsk in the North of the country, as a self-made explosive device exploded in his hands. The authorities engaged in the investigation of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.

according to The figures, were injured in the Explosion of the FSB staff. The young man had entered, therefore, on the Morning of the building as the explosive device went off.

+++ 11.21 PM: the Governor of Dar-es-Salaam is cracking down on homosexuality by +++

The Governor of the largest Tanzanian city, Dar-es-Salaam, has created, according to anonymous Point a list of 200 allegedly gay people, which he now threatens with criminal prosecution. Homosexuality in Tanzania, as in many African countries, is prohibited. In the East African country for up to 30 years in prison at sentencing, but these occur rarely.

“I know that this action will not please some countries,” said Governor Paul Makonda. But he could not sit back and enable people to behave incorrectly, just because some of the countries endorsing this type of behavior.

Makonda had previously asked the Public in Dar es Salaam, the names of allegedly gay people to submit. He had so far received almost 19,000 names, he said. From this he compiled the list of 200 people. If through investigation, the homosexuality prove to leave, you would be charged, he said.

+++ 11.21 PM: Probably the black box of Indonesian plane discovered +++

After the crash of an Indonesian passenger plane search teams in the sea have made allegedly the black box. According to investigators, the so-called Ping received signals, which originate with high probability from the recording devices in the Cockpit. The wreck of the machine is about 30 meters deep on the seabed.

In the crash of a Boeing 737 of the low-cost provider Lion Air all 189 people arrived on Monday on Board lost their lives. The machine had lost a few minutes after the Start in the capital, Jakarta, dramatically at altitude and fell into the sea. It is assumed that technical problems led to it. Of the Flight recorders, the so-called black boxes, the investigators clues as to the cause.

+++ 11.18 PM: Cabinet decides to increase the minimum wage +++

The Cabinet has decided to increase the statutory minimum wage. The hourly wage will therefore rise to 1. January next year, 9,19 euros, and a year later, on 9,35 Euro. The government followed the recommendations of the minimum wage Commission, which had expressed at the end of June. Currently, the minimum wage is 8,84 Euro per hour.

+++ 10.41 PM: the Federal Cabinet approves new organ donation law +++

The Federal Cabinet has legal improvements for organ donation. The government approved according to the Federal Ministry of health, the draft foresees a better compensation for hospitals that refer to a donor organ. In addition, you will receive a surcharge as compensation for the use of their infrastructure.

can refer to So that smaller clinics donor organs, should nationwide be a neurological on-call service. This is to ensure that at any time across the Board qualified Doctors are available for the determination of brain death. This is a requirement for the removal of an organ.

The Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the desired contradiction solution, with an increase in the donor numbers to be achieved, is not included in the design. As a result, each should be automatically to the donor, if he or a family member has not expressly objected to. So far, an explicit consent is required. Of any new of the Bundestag will decide in may next year.

thrust of Jens Spahn, Every citizen should automatically goes to his organs donations

The number of organ donors in Germany. To change that encourages the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is now a contradiction, solution.

DPA +++ 10.38 PM: the Czech government for permanent winter time +++

the Czech Republic is in favour of abolishing the time change permanent winter time. There are a variety of practical and health reasons, said the Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, the Agency CTK that after the Cabinet meeting in Prague. As an example, he argued that children did not want to go in the summer to sleep if it is after 21.00 still light.

scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences, argued for the permanent winter time. In the year winter time the people would in the Winter, in the morning, more light, and in the summer, in the evening, less exposed to light. “Our biological clock is better synchronized and the sleep at an earlier time in Relation to the work or study time,” said Alena Sumova from the Institute of physiology. The associated with better mental health.

In an Online survey of the EU Commission voted in August to 84 percent of the participants to abolish the time change – the majority voted for a permanent summer time.

winter time EU do not agree – not the abolition of the time change yet?

Actually, the case seemed clear: After the clear result of an Online vote, the EU Commission proposed that semi-annual time changes should be abolished. But now, the Initiative is probably coming to a standstill.

DPA +++ 10.31 PM: study: immigration from EU countries, allowing for more growth +++

immigration of workers from other EU countries has led Germany in the past years, additional economic growth. “The occupation of jobs by immigrants increases the overall economiciche employment and leads to an additional consumption demand,” it says in a Berlin study presented by the German Institute for economic research (DIW) in Berlin. The gross domestic product had increased in the years 2011 to 2016, an average of 0.2 percentage points per year, at the peak of the immigration in the year 2015 by 0.3 percentage points.

+++ 10.23 PM: doctors rates of subsequent pregnancies +++

Between a birth and a subsequent pregnancy should be a study, according to a break of at least one year. “Our study has found an increased risk both for the mother and for the Baby when pregnancies closely follow each other,” said the main author, Laura Schummers of the University of British Columbia. “Particularly important are the findings for older women because they tend to be pregnancies with short breaks and often not aware of it.” For the in the journal “Jama Internal Medicine” study published over 148,000 pregnancies of more than 123.000 women were evaluated in the canadian province of British Columbia.

1.2 per cent of women over the age of 35 who were less than six months after birth pregnant again, suffered according to the study, serious complications or died, in individual cases, even, during, or not long after birth. In the case of a break of a minimum of 18 months, the risk decreased to about 0.5 percent. In younger women between the ages of 20 and 34, this increased risk was not given. The risk of a preterm birth in a very timely again, pregnancy was still more increased.

+++ 08.58 PM: More than 15 million people out of poverty or exclusion +++

In Germany is almost threatened a fifth of the people of poverty or social exclusion. In the year 2017, the proportion was 19 per cent, equivalent to about 15.5 million people. The reported Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden, Germany, citing the EU-wide survey “living in Europe” (EU-SILC). Thus, the value is decreased within a year, in 2016, 16 million people out of poverty and social exclusion were still threatened, this was a share of 19.7 percent of the total population. In the whole of the EU, the proportion was, in 2017 22.5% (2016: 23.5 per cent).

According to the EU Definition, for the collection someone is than by at risk of poverty when he has less than 60 percent of the median income of the population. 2017 this threshold for a Person living alone in Germany in 1096 euros per month, for two adults with two children under 14 years of age at 2302 Euro in the month.

+++ 08.29 PM: at Least 18 Dead in helicopter crash in Afghanistan +++

In the crash of a helicopter with a number of politicians on Board were killed in Afghanistan at least 18 people. In the case of the accident in the Western province of Fara, the chief of the provincial Council of Fara and several of his staff were also killed, authorities said.

Thus, two helicopters of the Afghan army had been the capital of the Fara of the homonymous province in the direction of the city of Herat on the road, as one of the helicopters in the district of Anar Dara against the mountain flew. No inmate survived. The Afghan news Agency ToloNews reported, citing a military representative of 20 dead.

+++08.11 PM: Hungary: camera woman kicks against refugees free +++

Hungary’s Supreme court (OGH) has acquitted a camera woman, who had resigned in September 2015, while working deliberately to running out of refugees. In October of the previous year, Petra Laszlo had been convicted for trespassing and by law to a suspended sentence. The Supreme court reversed the judgment on Tuesday in a revision procedure, however, as the Portal “” reported.

Laszlo, at the time, for the right radical Jobbik party’s Internet was working-TV channels N1TV, was triggered at the peak of the refugee influx to Europe with their behavior indignation. Videos of other journalists showed how they introduced a refugee with a child in one Arm, a leg, whereupon the latter fell and the child to the ground. Also, as a little girl on the Shin joined.

The acquittal in the revision procedure the Supreme court judges reasoned that Laszlo’s Offense did not constitute a land peace break. To this belongs the fact, disturb the public peace and order, which was not for Laszlo’s the case, Offense. In fact, the camera woman, it acted, rather, is a regulatory offence. But it was time-barred in the meantime.

Shocking scenes in Hungary, a TV reporter enters running refugee father

As refugees in crowded camps in Hungary Röszke try, before the police, run away, happens Incredible: A camera woman appears multiple times and bring a father and his son on the Arm.

AFP +++ 08.09 PM: birth rate in 2017, down slightly +++

The number of children born in the year of 2017 with approximately 785.000 babies to about 7,000 lower than in the year 2016. This can be attributed to the slightly lower average number of children per woman. As the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) informs that in the year 2017, the total fertility rate of 1.57 children per woman. The year before she had reached the value of 1.59.

The total fertility rate is used for the description of the current fertility behavior. It indicates how many children would get a woman in the course of your life, if your birth would have to behave like all the women between 15 and 49 years of age in each observed year. All data refer to live-born children.

+++ 07.51 PM: Austria withdraws from UN migration Pact +++

Austria is pulling out of the planned global migration Pact of the United Nations. The declared Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) in front of a Council of Ministers meeting, today, an appropriate decision should be.

The Pact is not suitable to regulate migration issues. You fear the loss of Austrian sovereignty in the migration policy and a Blurring of the differences between legal and illegal Migration, it said.

The legally non-binding agreement to set principles for dealing with refugees and migrants, and in the case of a UN conference in Morocco on 10. and 11. December will be accepted.

+++ 07.16 PM: Two German avalanche in new Zealand killed +++

When an avalanche in new Zealand two German mountain came climbers lost their lives. The two men were at the Mittwoch at 3216 meters high Mount Hicks in the southern Alps of snow masses recorded and were not able to save themselves, the police announced. The age of the victim, the authorities were initially no further information. The two men, however, have lived for a long time in new Zealand.

Also a new Zealander has been recognised by the avalanche. The woman named Jo Morgan was able to save himself from his own power. On the Radio, she said: “I was stuck completely in the snow. I needed a half an hour, until I’ve come. As the rescue crew came, I was out there.” The Mount Hicks, also of Saint David’s Dome is located on the South island of the Pacific state.

+++ 07.11 PM: Twelve Dead after storms in Italy – tourists +++

sitting in the Alpine fixed The number of dead after the severe weather in Italy has risen to at least twelve. In the North-Eastern province of Belluno, the corpse of a craftsman from a stream was recovered as the news Agency Ansa reported. More deaths there were, among others, in South Tyrol and in the neighbouring province of Trento. Close to the Adriatic sea-a place Rimini is a Kite-Surfer died.

In the Alps were stuck, according to the Ansa approximately 180 tourists and seasonal workers, after the Stelvio pass was blocked by heavy snowfall. Located In Liguria on the Italian Riviera, around 20,000 people were on Wednesday night still without power. Regional President Giovanni Toti estimated the damage at several Hundred million euros. The luxury resort of Portofino is cut off from the outside world. In Venice, the world was drawn to the famous St. mark’s Basilica from Floods.

+++ 04.34 PM: Only a third of the brand-new tank ready for use +++

Even with brand-new tanks, fighter jets and helicopters of the Bundeswehr, the insert and the willingness to want to rest. Of the 97 in the year 2017, the force delivered large-scale equipment can be used after a statement of the Ministry of defence is currently only 38. This corresponds to a rate of 39 percent. Goal of the Bundeswehr is to keep 70 percent of their weapons systems ready for use.

The Ministry of the transport plane A400M and the Puma infantry fighting vehicle especially. Here, the quality at delivery is “continue to increase”, – stated in a response of parliamentary state Secretary Peter Tauber on a request of the Left-the Deputy Matthias Höhn, the German press Agency. “Here we see, as before, the industry has a duty to comply with the agreed services as soon as possible.”

Of the 71 in the past year, delivered Puma tanks 27 are ready for use, one of the eight A400M half. Also in the case of the new helicopters, it looks grim: seven “Tiger”combat helicopters from the year 2017, two are operational, seven “NH90″transport helicopters, there are four.

+++ 00.45 am: the space telescope Kepler, completed a Mission and goes into retirement +++

After nine years in space, the space telescope Kepler has completed its Mission. The unmanned space Observatory discovered more than 2600 planet outside our solar system, is assumed to be as expected, the fuel, such as the U.S. space Agency told Nasa. The telescope is his retirement now on its previous orbit.

Nasa had brought to the German astronomer Johannes Kepler, named space telescope, 2009. His Mission is the search for planets outside our solar system, called exoplanets.

thanks to Kepler, had shown that 20 to 50 percent of all in the night sky visible stars would probably orbits of theoretically habitable, earth-like planet, said Nasa. The earlier Kepler-Director of research, Bill Borucki described the Mission as a “huge success”.

the analysis of The Kepler data provided will still take years. A successor to Kepler, the research satellite, Tess, was shot in April.

+++ 00.04 PM: No charges against Sylvester Stallone to abuse allegations +++

Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone (72) is not provided in California due to allegations of sexual Assault in court. The information provided by the alleged victim could not be confirmed by the investigation. In addition, the case was time-barred, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles.

according to the documents, had claimed a woman, and Stallone would have had in 1987, a friendly relationship, but then the actor in 1987 and 1990, had become sexually grip. On the identity of the woman nothing was known.

In November 2017, the wife had made to the police in Santa Monica, California, among other things, allegations of rape against the actor. Stallone’s lawyer denied the allegations at the time. The Prosecutor’s office has been turned on.

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