Sberbank has a new loyalty program for cardholders

New years Eve Sberbank began issuing special debit cards for travelers – “travel savings card” with a special loyalty program. Information posted on the website of the Bank.

Instead of a bonus “Thank you,” the holders of the new cards will get as a reward for transactions and accumulate “sarmili” (1 mile is equal to 1 RUB), and then to pay their hotels, travel and flights on the travel portal of Sberbank’s “Thank you. Travel”. The minimum bet cashback miles for a non-touristy purchases will be twice higher than in the “Thank you”: 1% vs. 0.5%.

miles tied to spending on a new card or account balance for the previous month and varies from 1 to 3% for any purchase, plus 2-10% when shopping card on the website, “Thank you. Travel”. For example, 1% of any expenses “Sberkarta travel” the Bank promises to charge if total spending per month less than 20 000 RUB. or when the account balance is less than 40 000 rubles., 3% – for expenses of RUB 75 000 or residue from 150 000 RUB., in the first month of card usage is 1.5%.

Miles traditionally not charged for paying for telecommunication services, utilities, taxes, casinos, money transfer etc.

Nabiullina does not want to give the savings Bank the government Speech can go only about the sale, insisted the Chairman of the Central Bank Finance

the Cost map service – 200 RUB per month. This fee is not payable only for expenses of RUB 75 000 or residue from 150 000 RUB. for the preceding month.

On the other cards, the customer will still receive the bonus “Thank you” as the participant of the program “Thank you from Sberbank”, said the press service of the state Bank.

“Sarmili” piling up, other than “Thank you”: the Bank analyzes the turnover and balances on the map last month and in the next period credits fixed the percentage of purchases for “Sberkarta travel” for 5 days. This card do not apply the privilege levels of the program “Thank you” – says the representative of the Bank.

Cards with loyalty programs for travelers already have many of the major banks, in particular, Alfa-Bank, OTKRITIE Bank, Raiffeisenbank, “Tinkoff Bank”, “Oriental” and others.

In the line cards of the savings Bank until mid-December was only a co-branded product for tourists with the program “Aeroflot bonus”. A new map of the savings Bank is a alternative proposal with your flight loyalty for active travelers, said the press service of the state Bank: if the customer registered in the bonus program “Aeroflot” will pay the ticket for that carrier “by Sberkarta travel” on the portal or mobile application “Thank you from Sberbank”, it will be assessed and miles of Aeroflot for the flights, and up to 7% “sharmilee” of the purchase amount.

With the advent of “carmil” Sberbank has actually introduced another program of loyalty of its individual terms and conditions, says the Advisor to the CEO Frank RG Dmitry Tarasov, stressing that “this has occurred despite the fact that the bonus “Thank you” also it was possible to buy tickets and book a hotel.” One reason for this, according to Tarasova, the need to complement the product line of a special tourism program.

group Leader Deloitte Digital Maxim Shapirovskii among the possible reasons run the “sarmel” refers to the desire of the Bank to become the leader in the segment of tourist spending customers, particularly in anticipation of the holidays: “a Significant number of Bank customers having more than one card to use niche loyalty programs, so the Bank can focus on attracting new customers-travelers.”

Study of loyalty programs conducted by Frank RG, show that this Programs interesting at high spending and account balances of the client, but reward customers sometimes 2-3 times the same program with cashback. “Able to spend a lot of secured customers usually expect a good reward for his loyalty, but I don’t want for this to take care of the performance of the set conditions of the programs. Their motto is spent – get”, – says the observations Tarasov. The current market practice, apparently, not allowed to accomplish this within the program “Thank you,” he suggests.

According to Superovskogo, the complexity and constant changes in the existing program of loyalty always lead to its rejection, negative emotions, and misunderstanding; to modernize the program, it is recommended not more often than once a year.

Another reason is the need to draw attention to the ecosystem of the savings Bank and to offer customers competitive payment product that would encourage them to purchase services and products within the ecosystem and solidary experts.