A man shot in a Yoga Studio in the U.S. state of Florida, two women and then killed himself. In addition, he was shot early Friday evening, four more people shot, and a Person with his gun, said the police chief of Tallahassee, Michael DeLeo.

The five injured were taken to hospital, three of them had already been released. The condition of the other two was stable. The two women killed were 21 and 61 years old. The alleged shooter was 40 years old.

DeLeo said there were signs that several people had put up a fight and not only her own life but also that of other people had saved.

About the identity of the attacker, police were able to make. All pointed to the fact that it was a single perpetrator, said DeLeo. For the residents there is no danger currently. DeLeo called on witnesses to report with information on the offender and his possible motive.

The mayor of Florida’s capital of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, announced the speedy return to his city. Gillum is currently in the final sprint to the election campaign – he wants to be elected on Tuesday as the first black Governor of Florida.