In the “cave of the lion”, presented by the founder, Christoph Hermann (34), Martin, Donald, Murray (33) and Henry Wieser (28) the “micro drink water drop”. It is effervescent on the Basis of real fruit. A Million euros has asked the Trio for ten percent of the shares in the company, and lion bite. Ralf Dümmel tasted of the fruit Drink, as well as Dagmar Wöhrl. The lions shared the Deal – 500,000 euros Ralf Dümmel contributed 500,000 euros Dagmar Wöhrl. But only with one of the lions that came after the shooting is actually the conclusion of a contract, as revealed by founder Martin Murray is now the star.

While the Deal with the Wöhrl family already “in the bag”, was suspended the contract with Ralf Dümmel for an indefinite period of time. “The Deal with Ralf Dümmel is not yet signed, because we have decided in the follow-up, but not to go across the whole of the trade,” explains Murray.

water drop from the “cave of the lion” is currently not in widespread use in German super markets micro drink water drop-How healthy is the fruit of shower from the “cave of the lion”? Five critical issues to the product Of Ilona Kriesl

As a basic operation called economists, the novelty of the product. Water drop was “in need of explanation”. Many questions are still unanswered, including where the product had to be placed in the supermarket. “We don’t want to risk that the product throughout the shelf. And then we make any mistakes, and it is wrong somewhere. It may not work then. That would be a disaster,” says the founder.

The exchange with Ralf Dümmel was still “very friendly”. “We are still in contact,” says Murray. You should decide at a later time, but still want to nationwide in Germany will you record the talks again. to be able to

To open-ended questions, such as the supermarket placement to clarify, the founder Trio, water drop step by step in Germany. First of all, the Austrians want to start in the South. Water drop will initially be sold in 500 outlets of the supermarket chain Rewe Süd. At the same time, the Austrians rely on the good Online business. “We make things better piece by piece and doing it well.”