Germany wants to get the energy consumption of houses by more and more insulation, and the use of air-tight slides in the handle. The company Solardome is a very different way: in isolation of each house in any architectural style, by a kind of giant cheese bell – the Solardome is placed over the building.

Cozy and warm in the Arctic circle

Since 2013, there is a built-up model house in Norway. The family Hjertefølger lives on the Sandhornøya island in the North of Norway. The island is about half way between Trondheim and Hammerfest, which is a really remote island with a harsh climate. The Hjertefølger wanted to realize their Vision of a sustainable life.


The Hjertefølger live in a small settlement.


the house protects Because of the Solardome, it could be completely built from natural and historically proven Material. The Hjertefølger have built the three-storey house made of wood, stone, clay, and other organic Material. Foil, glue, and sheets of polystyrene foam had to use them. The family is committed to the ecological life – even her Name was chosen according to their Mission. Hjertefølger means ‘follow your heart’.

a Protected area of the garden

the building is a dome rises in the amount of about 7.5 meters. The Solardome covered almost 180 square feet of ground, much more than the footprint of the building. In addition to the house, the family received a sheltered garden and outdoor area. Given the long Winter and the cold climate is a great advantage. The in the Arctic circle living children. in the “Free” play, as if they were in Italy In addition, Apples, tomatoes and other vegetables grow in the protection zone.


a Lot of effort was spent on the Store the water and watering the plants.


The Dome is a mixture of summer garden and the greenhouse. The stable dome shape withstands Storms and snow. “We love the house, it has its own soul and a strong personality. We have also invented, as we built the house. It has changed us,” writes Ingrid Hjertefølger on your Blog.

build in pure self-performance

“When we enter our house, does it feel different than when we enter another building. The atmosphere is unique. It is so quiet, I can hear the silence almost. This is hard to describe. It would be impossible to experience this feeling in a house that would have built a Stranger to us. A house with straight lines and right angles.”


The house was built with the help of friends and neighbors complete in two years of individual work.


The Dome was not self-made, he was installed only on the spot. The kit comes from the UK. The Form is a so-called Geodesic dome, constructed of triangular segments. The company manufactures these domes in various sizes – ranging from small greenhouses to individual models, such as family Hjertefølger used. For the mass production of this size, there is no indication of price – but the price should be around 100,000 euros.

Hjertefølgerne / The Heart Followers from Deadline Media on Vimeo.