The world is mobile, to spend his life in a place that once was. But currently, the new city also means a new apartment – in countries without a significant market in rental housing, so the sale of the old apartment and buying a new one.

This must not be, says Kodasema from Estonia. You have to cast the property to only the Sedentary. The model Koda shows how this is meant to be. Unlike many Tiny Houses, it is not a stable caravan on a chassis, but a real house.

about 25 square metres of floor area, a small apartment was housed. Including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living area. This is made possible by a typical Tiny-house-Trick: The building is about the height of 1.5 normal Shot. This leads to two effects: The living space has the airy height, in spite of its small footprint, very generous. The sleeping area is located upstairs, including the bathroom and the kitchen zone are located – here there is just standing height. Through the large picture window of the small room in the Interior is not completed and musty. But here of course it depends on the view. In a rural environment, living in a Koda is certainly nicer than overlooking a Parking lot. “If we decide to move to another place, we are faced with risks,” announced Kodesema.

“often you have to renovate a new house, complex, remodeling, or repairs, invest. Houses and Apartments can not move, but our Koda can.”

The Installation requires no Foundation, only a level floor. Alone, the connections of the supply lines must be available. Experienced do-it-yourselfers on to the kit, and within just four hours – or mine. If you move, can Koda to follow. Due to its width of about four meters, you can no longer transport the house in one piece on a Truck. Other than the Cabinet walls of Ikea Koda was designed expressly so that you can disassemble the house very often, without the Connections to take damage.

If many individuals opt for a Koda-kit, is currently difficult. Mobile homes are bought in Europe, either by private individuals as a holiday home or a company, for example, at remote job sites in a reasonably comfortable quarters.