in the trunk of a tree carved into a phone number saved three Chinese tourists who had become lost while Hiking in the French Alps. The young women were off of a marked trail on the mountain Salève in Haute-Savoie not far from Geneva. Against 17 clock, you came because boulders are blocking the way.

“you saw that on a tree, a telephone number was carved, and they chose to get help,” said the police. At the other end of the line, a 75-year-old hunter who had left his phone number there, 15 years ago, was – for the case that walkers “to see injured or dead animals,” as the man the local press said.

Although the Chinese are not languages of the interior according to his information, “French well”, the mind of the hunters that they were in Need. He called the fire Department, which found the three leave the interior unharmed, but cold. They were taken to hospital for a scan.

fin / AFP