When it comes to E-Books, in Germany mainly two brands: The Almighty Amazon Kindle, and the Nook, developed by the eponymous Alliance of German book traders like Hugendubel and Thalia, Weltbild-Verlag, and Kobo Rakuten. After three years, the entry-level model, the Tolino Shine was presented, in its third Version and can convince in the Test.

More heat while reading

This is mainly due to the new Display. The 6-inch screen, is dissolved with 300 ppi, 1072× 1448 pixels to be the same as the previous, but they are technically clearly superior. The image is brighter, the font is darker. And: For the first Time in this price class, the Tolino Shine 3 offers an automatic adjustment of the light to the mood. Many will know of Tolino as a “smart light” technology, known from the Smartphone. One reads in the Evening, in bed, shall automatically be included in the disturbing blue light frequencies. They are associated with problems in falling Asleep.

in fact, the Amazon kindle, uses the smart light in the bedroom enormously comfortable. Instead of the blue light is a warm orange glows. Even in the dark room, the lighting adjusts to a very comfortable level, if necessary, you can readjust. It is bright outside, it will shut down.


In the Stand-By can now be used for the last read book

©Malte Mansholt stern.de New Screen, new Look

in another part of the screen has been reworked: thanks to its capacitive Touchscreen and it is now smoother to operate. He also has effects on the Design: for the First time, a Tolino waived the prominent Home Button. The only one button the power remains button, all menus are displayed by quickly learned wipe-Gestures. This works very well in practice.

E-Book Reader Amazon fixes the new Kindle is the biggest Paperwhite vulnerability By Christoph Fröhlich

Also, the basic Design has been slightly adapted. The frame is slightly narrower, causing the Shine 3 is smaller than its predecessor. The weight has decreased with 166 grams to 18 grams. The battery is not shrunk, it stays at 1500 mAh. That’s enough, even with lighting for weeks.

A new fluted rear will provide more grip in everyday life, you felt but still quite slippery. The processing of the plastic housing, however, is impeccable. A pity: unlike the new Kindle Paperwhite, and the expensive Sony models, the Shine 3 is still not waterproof.


The back is now slightly serrated

©Malte Mansholt stern.de Free choice in reading material

In the case of the E-Books itself has done little. As usual, the Store of the merchant is pre-installed, in which one acquires the Nook, via the Cloud service, but also all other Tolino-partners have acquired or through the eLibrary of the libraries, borrowed books easily transferred. This is also true for PDFs. And unlike with the Kindle books from third-party sources can be played easily with the computer or directly in the Browser on the device on the Tolino. The 8 GB of internal memory offer plenty of space.

Test Tolino Vision 4 HD E-Book Reader for night owls By Christoph Fröhlich

A nice Bonus is the now freely selectable display when the Display is off. Instead of the well-known Sony-smile you can now easily change in the settings the Cover of the last read book or an image of your own. Earlier it was only with considerably more effort.

conclusion: The new Star in the bedroom

Who is looking for a E-Reader, especially for reading in bed, on the Tolino Shine 3. The smart light as well as the great freedom in the selection of the book sources. Anyone who has an older Nook or any E-Reader, it is allowed to strike. It is somewhat different, if one is already deeply rooted in the Kindle universe, or especially on the beach or bath reads. Then the water is more density of Paperwhite, or one with a more expensive Sony model.

The Tolino Shine 3 is already commercially available and costs about 120 Euro.