This is no longer a secret for anybody: Donald Trump will be a candidate for his re-election. The current tenant of the White House has also made things could not be more clear in the aftermath of the “Midterms”, announcing that Mike Pence had agreed to be his co-candidate for 2020. If the ticket is republican is now known, it is quite otherwise with their opponents. Still reeling from the slap inflicted on Hillary Clinton in 2016, divided between centrists and progressives, the democrats are still in search of a leader. More than a dozen presidential positioned themselves on the starting line even if, for the time being, only the obscure representative from Maryland, John Delaney, was publicly announced.

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• Joe Biden
Former vice-president of the United States

Announced as a favorite, he believes that it is still too early to say. The former vice-president, taking a centre line, however, has traveled a good part of the country during the “Midterms”. Feared by republicans for his ability to rally to its cause, an electorate worker, he also has to his past eight years in the White House at the side of Barack Obama. This same experience could, however, serve. The former “veep”, 75 years old, it will be difficult to embody the renewal that require some in his own camp. He missed his chance? Grief-stricken by the death of a son hit by a cancer, it had not been in the race in 2016.

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Bernie Sanders Ethan Miller/AFP

• Bernie Sanders
Senator from Vermont

just re-elected in Vermont, Bernie Sanders did not know his intentions, but his name comes up regularly among the contenders. Inequality reduction, access to universal health-care, free education: the ideas brought by the unsuccessful candidate of the democratic primary in 2016 spread across a generation of young democrats. The image of Alexandria Ocasio-Pèrez, who had worked for the campaign of the candidate before she is elected to the House. Already criticized for his advanced age two years ago, when he had been opposed to Hillary Clinton to the nomination of his party, he will be 79 at the next presidential election.

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Elizabeth Warren. Michael Dwyer/AP

• Elizabeth Warren
Senator of Massachusetts

After his landslide victory in the Massachusetts on the evening of 6 November, senator Elizabeth Warren has launched in front of the fans, galvanised a promise: “We’ve only just begun”, which gives glimpses of his ambition. This figure progressive has demonstrated throughout the campaign his ability to raise money from small donors. She has redistributed a portion of this wealth to other candidates, the time came, could he return the favor. The senator did not hesitate to cross swords with the president. Nicknamed “Pocahontas” by the latter, it was subject last month to a DNA test to justify the amerindian origins that it claims.

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Kamala Harris. Ethan Miller/AFP

• Kamala Harris
the Senator from California

Among their main challengers: the senator from California Kamala Harris, 54 years of age. This daughter of an Indian and a Jamaican, whose mandate was not in the game, has sought to grow its reputation, a multiplying movement. His memoirs are announced for the next year. The one that Obama had awkwardly skilled in the 2013 most beautiful attorney general in the country is also well known to the Senate judiciary committee, the abuse of candidates chosen by Donald Trump to occupy positions in the administration. Latest victim: judge Brett Kavanaugh.


• Cory Brooker
New Jersey Senator

the name of The senator african-american from New Jersey, Cory Booker, is also regularly among the potential candidates. As Kamala Harris, the elected 39-year-old has revealed to the Senate judiciary committee, where senate democrats are focusing their attacks on the Administration Trump. Last January, he went in a huff memorable to the secretary of homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. The minister was interviewed about the expression “country shit” given to Donald Trump. To note, the governor of New Jersey comes from him remove a thorn from the foot by signing a law that will allow him to present himself to the Senate and the White House.

Amy Klobuchar. Aaron Lavinsky/AP

• Amy Klobuchar
the Senator from Minnesota

With a tone at once magnanimous and firm, senator Amy Klobuchar, 58 years old, has made it also pointed out to the general public at the hearing of the judge Brett Kavanaugh. She had in particular questioned the candidate presented by the president about his relationship with alcohol. This centrist, granddaughter of a minor, has since succeeded in getting re-elected comfortably for a third term in Minnesota, the Republicans hoped to rob him. An asset weight knowing that this State of the Midwest could become by 2020 one of these “Swing States” that make and unmake presidential candidates.

However, the road is still long before 2020, an outsider could impose. Four years ago, few pollsters even included the name of Donald Trump.