Why innovation turns into a spectacle

Today, most companies and government agencies involved in the reform of this magnitude, which happen once in several centuries. It’s not just changes in technology, distribution channels or competitive fighting, it’s all these things at the same time.

Today, large organizations have recognized that the existing strategy and organizational structure not flexible enough to be able to mobilize innovative personnel and technologies to solve emerging challenges. Organizations realize that it’s time to change, but the result is often corporate policy patching holes – a useless attempt to solve problems as they come, without understanding the original reasons for their occurrence. What used to be the strength of the business, structured management processes now restricts the ability to meet new challenges.

the Process or product

a long time Ago every great organization was a little and impertinent startup, ready to take risks with new ideas, new methods, new clients, goals and mission. The growth of the organization has streamlined its processes: human resources, legal, financial paperwork; processes of acquisitions, conclude treaties, regulations, security, development and product management as well as organizational forms, etc., Established processes – it’s perfect if you live in a world where the problem and solution are known; this is a guaranteed way of expanding the business without interruption in the functioning of the organization. Processes reduce risks for the organization as a whole, but each individual stage of the development limit flexibility and, most important, sensitivity to new opportunities and threats.

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