As costs to operate in foreign markets
Analysts shared with the "statements" investment ideas for the coming year
For them, mortgages will be more expensive than for payroll clients of the Bank
Banks have more cheaper housing loans on New year's eve
Key risk financial markets have come to depend too much on politicians
And what to prepare for in 2020. Recommendations participants of the Financial forum of "Vedomosti"
Analysts are advised to stock up on defensive assets
Instead of a bonus "Thank you" to tourists will earn "Sarmili" – on more favorable terms
the An algorithm to prevent fires In California, the fires have already caused the disappearance of over 1 000 people. And the damage is expected to exceed the record of 2017, when 9 000 fires...
"In the last days to Shibati ", French documentary by Hendrick Dusollier. METEOR MOVIES the opinion of The "World" – not to be missed In the chinese city of Chongqing is situated in the...