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read at the end of July, the employees of the sports Shoe manufacturer Nike received a Mail, which is expected to have many surprises: ten percent of the world’s 74,000 workers, there should be more money, writes the company – “to create a culture in which the employees are involved and encouraged to feel”. It was the result of a riot that has to be given, it is obvious the beginning of the year at the group’s headquarters in Beaverton in the U.S. state of Oregon. Women in the company denounced sexism and discrimination, and launched an internal survey among colleagues, submitted to the leadership. Then Nike analyzed, among other things, all salaries, in order to eliminate injustices.

How many Employees in Germany, a salary got increase?

How many employees in Germany according to the analysis, a wage increase, not to say a Nike spokesman. In order to protect their privacy, how he communicates compared to TIME ONLINE. On further demand: no response. The topic is so explosive, that the company’s silence, apparently, even then, if you could boast of your commitment to justice actually open to the public.

Pay for companies their employees fair? The employees get for the same and similar duties, the same salary? At least American companies seem to make more and more of your payment to the test: Citigroup announced in January, the salaries of women and ethnic minorities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. An internal analysis had shown that employees get 99 percent of what their male colleagues. A small gap, but one that had to close it. Google also analyzes the salaries on a regular basis and picking up the last payment for 228 of 63,000 employees. Cost: $ 270,000.

In Germany, you will find less examples of this art., Since the middle of 2018, the so-called fee transparency act, on which the last of the great coalition had reached agreement after a long dispute. However, many of the law, in the meantime, as an ineffective paper tiger. Employees in larger companies, although a right to information that can be used to ask what people earn comparable colleague of the opposite sex. As a response you will get but just an average, doesn’t tell you whether or not you are paid fairly.

No company is forced to analyze the salaries of

The law also recommends, it is the American companies, such as Nike, Google and Citigroup the same: firms with more than 500 employees should check whether you pay your employees really the same. But even these paragraphs are non-binding. No company is forced to operate such a fine analysis. And how you make it, you are largely free. The German lawyers Federal government argued at a hearing in the Bundestag to commit the companies to pay the check according to fixed criteria – in vain. And according to a survey by the consulting firm Compensation partners under the 319 employers in all industries, only five percent of the companies want to make use of a from the Ministry for family Affairs, recommended method for content analysis.

And so it depends more of people like Diana Wien Brandt, whether firms on the search for inequality in pay. Vienna Brandt works at the Institute for social research and vocational training in Neubrandenburg, a non-profit consulting company. Two years ago, she wanted to find for a model project in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, companies can look at the cards. Six small and medium-sized companies from the Region was able to win the Vienna Brandt finally, for the salaries check, the tax consulting company with 15 employees, up to a large municipal operation. To recognize your conclusion: injustice is one thing – and that alone is already troublesome enough. To fix it, but quite another.