On 31. October, Halloween, a night of the creeps at the top of the agenda. Especially in the US, this night, many people used to celebrate parties, to drag the costumes to the houses and to shudder. This Trend also inspires more and more German. For film fans, the connect also like Sweet with Sour and a night of creepy entertainment plan, we have compiled a selection of films.


A book author is always drama on the search for family, over which he in his books can write. For a Search, he moved with his family in a house in which there was a terrible family tragedy. Gradually, he finds out more and more details about the murder of the family. Until his own family is haunted by mysterious events.
fear factor: ???


This horror movie from France is absolutely not for the faint of heart. The first scenes in the movie to begin, a young girl from a warehouse flees, in which it is kept trapped for years and was tortured. 15 years later, she finds her tormentor through a newspaper article, visited you in your house and murdered the family with a shotgun. In a cellar of the house a dark secret that is gradually elucidated.
creepy factor: ?????

“” (2017)

In the U.S.-American small town of Derry children disappear also Gergie, the little brother characters, one of the main. A Clique of seven friends trying to figure out what happened with Georgie. Here you will encounter all of the creepy Clown, “Pennywise”, which confronts them with their Fears. If you like classics, you can also watch the two-parter from the year 1990.
creepy factor: ????

“Evil Dead”

Five friends take a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods to a friend’s assist with your drug withdrawal. In the house you will find an old book, on the “Naturom Demonto” is written – “the book of the dead” or even the “Necronomicon”. Read some passages of the book aloud, which you summon demons. Of these, the friends will be followed then.
fear factor: ???

“It follows”

The 19-year-old College student Jay has Sex with a handsome man by the name of Hugh. He drugged you with Chloroform and ties her to a wheelchair. When she comes to, she sees her tormentor. Explain to her that you will be followed from now on by a curse. The previously carefree Jay finds himself in a paranoid nightmare. Fear factor: ??