Chronic. When one occupies a position of responsibility and that one has a vision, it is not always self-evident to infuse the essence penetrating into the brains of its employees. This difficulty stems from the use of unexpected metaphors in the professional life, the rhetorical process that enables, by analogy, to inoculate the minds.

today, if the company is so often associated with a hive, this is not because we all became bees, but rather because the social organization of these insects, industrious allows you to translate the complex issues of collaborative intelligence. Beyond desks and chairs, the company is also a reality is not a material that takes shape in the cognitive processes of each through language.

I spread I am a tea bag…

regarding this, I stumbled recently on a video of a conference by Maud Bailly, Chief Digital Officer at Accorhotels, entitled ” Travel intelligence “. To evoke the concept is fairly impenetrable matricialité (basically, from what I understood, the need to disappear as an individual to blend in with the moving matrix, entrepreneurial), Maud Bailly has chosen to illuminate his subject in the middle of a strong image : “Like everyone in the world must be digitized, as all the world must disrupter, I only exist in my inclination to me to disseminate it and to be appropriate. So, I’m a bag of tea. “

like many metaphors, it will take a sense when we queue a little further away. The tea bag, is not it this thing effete that you finish up by swinging without state of soul in the garbage after having extracted the active substance ?

the metaphor of The trash bag evokes the pile of negative emotions resulting from the non-said to work. It has the force of affects and repressed, the trash bag will eventually engulf you.

In the film In the Air,…