The world health organization (WHO) recommends a maximum of six teaspoons of sugar – 25 grams per day. This corresponds to about five per cent of the calorie needs. This is dramatically and even goes a step further than the recent recommendation of the WHO. Since it was still called, who would like to reduce the risk of unhealthy weight gain and dental caries, should be a maximum of ten percent of his daily calories in the Form of sugar.

Who now thinks he only needs to omit the sugar in the coffee, you are wrong. Because of all the hidden added sugar in foods and drinks is critical. In addition, sugar, the juices naturally present in honey, syrup, fruit and fruit juice concentrates that contain occurred. Sugar that is in fruit, vegetables and milk, should not be harmful. At least, researchers have yet to demonstrate any negative consequences. But it’s the hidden sugar that is in processed foods.

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pancakes with maple syrup? No! Maple syrup is pure sugar. If pancakes, with a bit of natural yogurt to eat.


Cola covers the daily requirement of sugar for the whole day

Ketchup is an example of this: In a tablespoon of the tomato sauce, about a teaspoon of sugar. This is already a sixth of the recommended daily ration. Lemonade is worse: A glass of Cola of 250 milliliters contains 27 grams of sugar, and, therefore, more than one should consume in a day.

And also Cocktails that are drunk before dinner as an Aperitif, they are real calorie bombs. A Mojito, for example, comes on 23,47 grams of sugar, a Margarita is already at 55 grams. The calorie and sugar information is based always on a Cocktail, and the details are based Fatsecret on the calorie calculator “”. How much sugar is in your favorite cocktails, you’ll learn the route in the following photo.