“Porcini e Mirtilli”, a Risotto made with porcini mushrooms and blueberries, belongs to the Italian risotto classics. I imagine how to find a Sunday’s walk in the woods, a few mushrooms and a handful of blueberries, and with what you have at home – namely, rice, Butter, wine and Parmesan cheese – a meal prepared.

I like the idea, but was this morning, not in the woods, but in my very well-stocked greengrocer, had berries in addition to beautiful porcini mushrooms and blue with small cabbage heads. So I added the Risotto to the slight bitterness of Savoy cabbage.

The ingredients for four people

1 small onion

1 clove garlic

4 TABLESPOONS olive oil

400 g Savoy cabbage (the inner bright leaves)

6 TABLESPOONS risotto rice

1 glass of dry white wine

1/2 Liter of vegetable stock

20 g Butter

30 g Parmesan cheese

salt, Pepper

150 g porcini mushrooms

100 g of blueberries

1 sprig rosemary

6 juniper berries

Butter for Frying

And so is’s prepared peel

onion and garlic and chop finely. From the Savoy a few of the beautiful, darker leaves keep, the inner, bright leaves, wash, drain well, and the thick leaf trunk, remove and chop finely. First, the onion and the garlic in a shallow pot with olive oil until translucent in a pan. Savoy cabbage and rice, also brown and being careful that nothing Browns.

deglaze With white wine. From now on, as soon as the rice has absorbed the liquid, a little vegetable stock water. The Fund should be spent, but the rice is still too hard to pour just a little water. While the rice cooks, blanch the still whole Savoy cabbage leaves in plenty of salted water, then quenched and part of it finely chopped, and the Risotto is lifted.

The stone mushrooms with a damp cloth, cut into slices, in the Butter and cook on both sides and season. The Risotto with salt and pepper to taste, Butter and Parmesan while stirring. On preheated plates, add the mushrooms. The rosemary from the style destemmed, the berries of juniper mortars, and together with the blueberries in the pan, in the above-the mushrooms were fried in hot pan. The blue berries over the Risotto and serve immediately.

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