Here you can dance to the tourists. With a specially composed Polonaise Poland, on 11. November 2018, the 100. Anniversary of regaining its independence in Warsaw to celebrate. The dance turns for a whole day, the legendary Royal road of Warsaw in the largest Open-Air ballroom in the world.

This ten-kilometre-long Boulevard begins at the Royal castle, the Symbol of Polish sovereignty. Up to the age of 18. Century it was the seat of the Polish kings and of the Senate, here in 1791, was written the first modern Constitution in Europe.

Already, in 1795, the conclusion was in order: Austria, Prussia, and Russia had Poland divided among themselves. Only 123 years later, in November, 1918, was proclaimed the Second Polish Republic and the Polish President, moved into the castle.

After the destruction in the Second world war, it was rebuilt in 1980, now houses a gallery of paintings. In the castle chapel, the heart of the freedom fighter Tadeusz is kept Kościuszko.

Continue on the Royal route along the sights. But almost everything that looks old, a reconstructed copy of the destroyed Originals; some of it could be saved. As of today, the presidential Palace and the Holy cross Church, in the heart stores: the Polish-French composer Frédéric Chopin (his last will).

poznań is celebrating the independence especially hilarious

The dancing on the Royal route ends in the district of wilanów, on the Western Bank of the Vistula river, with its Baroque Palace. As a finale to the visit in the newly opened vodka worth-Museum, style, housed in the former distillery Koneser in the hip district of Praga. Vodka is a Polish invention, not a Russian, say, the Poland, in the Museum you can try it.

At half the distance between Berlin and Warsaw, Poznan (Poznan) as a stopover to reach with the train. Eight times a day the Eurocity between Berlin and Warsaw is rushing now – with a Stop at the new, ultra-modern Central railway station in Poznan.

worth a lunch break on the market square with the Renaissance town hall. Every day at noon two metal goats, the plump twelve times with the horns to each other appear on the clock tower. You are the Symbol of the city, according to the legend, two lively goats which had escaped the butcher and the town hall had fled.

As the birthplace of the Polish state, poznań celebrate the independence. With Lech, the most famous beer in the whole of Poland. And with Martin’s croissants (Croissants with White poppy seed filling), the traditional 11. November, the Feast of St. Martin are baked from Tours, to fit the independence day at the same time.

Jesus is enthroned monumental about a supermarket

The Catholic-influenced Poland, it may generally solemn. Each year, up to four million pilgrims make the 6. August from Warsaw and reach nine days later after a 300-km walk to the pilgrimage site of Czestochowa in the South of the country. Here are the Marian icon is revered “Black Madonna”.

Since 2010, there is a further attraction for believers: the world’s tallest Christ the king Statue in the town of świebodzin (Świebodzin), only an hour from the Brandenburg border town of Frankfurt/Oder.

you dominated with 36 meters of their more famous counterparts in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro (30-Meter) and in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba (34 meters), wherein the crown is counted. However, is the monumental Jesus with outstretched arms on a supermarket and a Takeaway, what can tourists at the photo stop regularly despair.

Easier by Far to shoot the 300 bison in the Białowieża national Park, the last primeval forests in Europe, about 250 kilometers East of Warsaw. The cozy giants are happy to stay.

The Park was established shortly after the independence named the first forest reserve in the country, thanks to its up to 500 years old trees. A Abholzaktion could just be after a ruling by the European court of justice stopped. The nature is here again.