Economic and political strife prevent to solve global problems

While the leaders are busy feuding with each other and settle the growing political differences within countries, increases the existential threat to the entire world community. Strife would not solve the growing problem, experts fear the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos. Their “global risk Report” urges business to lead the process of change because “the world cannot wait until the fog clears geopolitical and geo-economic uncertainties”.

for the First time in 15 years the publication of the report the top 5 most likely risks in 10-letnia term took environmental risks:

extreme weather conditions;

the inability to prevent climate change;

natural disasters;

the reduction of biological diversity;

the ecological disasters caused by human action.

less Time

the Time to seriously tackle the most pressing environmental, economic and technological problems, quickly running out, warned the WEF.

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