To the beginning of 2020, the officials spent on the national project “Digital economy” 73,3% planted on it in the budget, said the representative of the relevant Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. Such data “Vedomosti” also confirmed by a representative of the chamber. Under the Federal budget of 100.7 billion rubles were spent for 73.8 billion.

Still three days before the end of the year, 28 Dec 2019, according to the chamber, the budget costs for the project have been considerably lower at 53.6 per cent of the pledged funds. And a month before that, on 28 November, the Minister of communications Konstantin Noskov was reported spent only 20% of the allocated money. Thus according to his plans by the end of 2019 had to be spent 85% of the pledged funds. Need to convert frequency spectrum to deploy 5G networks, pointed to the difficulties in implementation of the national project of Socks, also there are difficulties with the modernization of the regulatory framework – particularly in relation to public procurement in the field of IT.

This sharp growth is linked to the fact that at the end of the year, the Ministry closed the contracts, which were conducted all year, explained the representative of the Ministry of communications. According to him, take into account commitments (amount of contracts and agreements) at national project for the year has reached 92.2% of the budget, but the cash execution of the (already-paid work) – only 73,3%.

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