Mishustin has promised a transition to targeted social support

the Candidate for Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told how plans to reform the social support of people at the plenary session of the state Duma where the question on its appointment. Now there are plenty of benefits, hundreds of them, and it’s hard to understand how they are used, because in Russia there is no application of the principle of assistance, benefits are distributed automatically, he said. Need to do social using the address and count her household suggested Mishustin. In fact, it is possible to calculate the Federal poverty formula, then calculate it for each region, and then help to bring to the end consumer through social contracts.

Help to reform will the draft law on single registry of the population (adopted by the state Duma in the first reading). Use registry can generate a family and its income, said Mishustin. “I believe that we will be able to do the job for two years,” he concluded.

Russia spends annually on social welfare payments of around 3% of GDP, higher than most countries with economies in transition. The number of payments and benefits Russia and does a world leader, pointed the experts of the world Bank and the Scientific research financial Institute (nifi). But all this varied and expensive aid is ineffective, if we talk about the war on poverty: from 1 RUB allocated for targeted support to the poor reaches only 25 cents And the share of targeted benefits in income in the poorest regions on average do not exceed 2%. Only social support receive 65% of Russians, including 84% of the poor.

Mishustin told about the main directions of work for the Prime Minister Pension reform and the pit rate it is not going to change

In Russia for the needy has more than 98 of various allowances and welfare benefits, the experts wrote Ranepa. Many regions have tried to identify the most needy on the basis of income – their own or their households. But at least kakim-the growth of entitlements and welfare benefits, it turned to only 34% of the programs. And more than 15% increase in benefits was only 8% of the programs. For 59% of screenings benefits based on income has not affected the amount of assistance, while 7% led to its decline.

On the calculation of the MP Dmitry Svatkovsky, the amount that the government spends on social protection in 2000 increased 4.5 times, while poverty has decreased only 2.6 times. The government spends enough on social support, but the level of poverty has not changed, confirms the Director of Fri of Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov: “the Cost of highly inefficient”. “We are trying to fill with money problems – said Svatkovsky. And overcoming poverty is, of course, economic growth.” To combat poverty, people need to grow real wages and incomes, and social support should be more targeted, supported by experts Ranepa.

Targeted support is the best way to help the poor, said Nazarov, “But giving away money is just not necessary, and we must clearly understand who we are poor and who is not.” Two years, in his estimation, enough to create such a system. Ideally, when a person asks for help, the employee of social services should take 30 seconds to learn all about the financial situation of the applicant, Nazarov says: “It is actually done a similar system already operating in Turkey.”