VEB wants to pass the equipment

the VEB.Russia requires 90 billion rubles from the Zelenograd factory of microelectronics of the JSC “Angstrom” is specified in the record of proceedings. The plant sponsor “Angstrem-T” on the loan for 815 million euros, explained the representative of the Bank, – this loan has resulted in “Angstrem-T” to bankruptcy. In 2008, when they issued a loan, “Angstrom” owned 54% “Angstrem-T”.

JSC “Angstrom” creates chips, chips, RFID tags, but their elements and technological dimensions of 500 nm, are listed on its website. VEB lent “Angstrem-T” on the purchase of equipment from the manufacturer of microprocessors AMD and construction of a factory of chips on technology of 130 and 110 nm. However, in 2018, when “Angstrem-T” came under the control of the Bank, he had mastered only the technology 250 nm, said representative of the plant.

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