Why Mishustin wants to reform the system of social support

Mikhail Mishustin became Prime Minister. Consent to his appointment gave 383 Deputy, second in the Russian history since Vladimir Putin (392 votes in 2008). For the first time in history against the candidate for Prime Minister nobody voted (the Communist faction abstained). After that, the President signed a decree appointing mishustina head of government.

First specific policy statement, which was made by Mishustin in the state Duma, the social benefits should be targeted. There are plenty of benefits and it is hard to understand how they are used, because in Russia there is no application of the principle of assistance, benefits are distributed automatically, explained Mishustin. Need to do social using the address and count her in household activities, he suggested: it is possible to calculate the Federal poverty formula, then calculate it for each region, and then to bring assistance to the end user through social contracts.

Help to reform needs a unified population register, said Mishustin. The bill passed by the state Duma in the first reading in September and provides for the creation of a unified database for all citizens as well as foreigners living or working in Russia. Using the registry to “form a family and incomes,” said Mishustin: “I Believe that we will be able to do the job for two years.”

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