Mishustin told about the main directions of work for the Prime Minister

on Thursday, the candidate for the post of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin met with Duma factions and has told about what is going to work if his candidacy is approved.

Wednesday, January 15, President Vladimir Putin announced the resignation of the government headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. After a few hours the President proposed for approval to the post of Prime Minister, head of the Federal tax service of Michael mishustina. Thursday, December 16, the state Duma will consider the issue of approval of his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister. Medvedev remains acting Prime Minister.

the Most important is to remove barriers to business and reduce costs, Mishustin said at a meeting with deputies of “United Russia”. “These are very important issues that I will immediately, from the first days to consider it,” he said.

While there are about 2 million requirements of the companies and more than 200 types of control, in the past year the authorities have already started the reform in 2020 on the instructions of Medvedev’s officials will have to revise the existing mandatory requirements, to create a code of ethics for inspectors and to improve educational programs for them.

Why Putin chose mishustina In on he showed himself a good Manager and equidistant from political groups

Mishustin also has promised to pursue national projects: “I think it is a good tool to achieve these goals, including GDP growth”. It is necessary to deal with their inventory and rely on the regions, he added. According to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov, Mishustin “wants to make an inventory of national projects and to understand what prevents their implementation” (quoted by “Interfax”).

national Projects worth 26 trillion – the economic program of Putin until 2024 Their slow implementation and weak economic growth was one of the main powadain criticism of the government Dmitry Medvedev. At the end of the year, officials tried frantically to catch up: for example, 20% of the annual budget of the national project “Digital economy” was spent with 28 to December 31.

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the situation in the Russian economy is stable – there is a “decent” national welfare Fund (NWF, according to the Finance Ministry, on December 1, 2019 NWF was 7.9 trillion), foreign exchange reserves, listed Mishustin. “It is obvious” that inflation will not go beyond 4% (according to Rosstat on January 9, inflation was 2.9 percent), he said. It is necessary to engage in institutional reform, management reform and to bring the latest information technologies, offered Mishustin.

One of such technologies – a unified system of control over incomes of the population, said Mishustin. “All households in Russia will be within two years entered in the information system, and every income will be tracked from beginning to end to provide targeted social assistance”, – quotes “Interfax” of the Deputy of the state Duma Alexey chicken. The Federal tax service (FNS) has created a cloud-based registry, combining the electronic form data from all registry offices, which previously gave the information in a different format on paper.

Targeted support is the best way to help the poor, said the Director of the research financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov: “Giving away money is just not necessary, and we must clearly understand who we are poor and who is not.” Two years, in his estimation, enough to create such a system. Ideally, when a person asks for help, the employee of social services should take 30 seconds to learn all about the financial situation of the applicant, Nazarov says: “It is actually done a similar system already operating in Turkey.”

At the end of 2018 the city authorities had discussed another way to give to the poor is to introduce a deduction from personal income tax in the amount of the subsistence level for the poor people. The meeting, according to interlocutors of “Vedomosti”, passed at the head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, was consulting and in the government. For the compensation of losses from providing deductions of government discussed the increase in the personal income tax rate to 16%. And last week it became known that three deputies from LDPR – Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov and Boris Paikin – sent a bill to the government for exemption from personal income tax for those whose income does not exceed two minimum wages. But in the end, the officials rejected this idea.

Progressive scale of taxation will not be introduced, said Mishustin, “now it is irrelevant”. In Russia there is no middle class, no one to collect the progressive article, he explained to the deputies of the Communist party (his words leads to “Interfax”). And the issue with the rich and super-rich should be solved differently, with greater visibility and more responsibility. Assistance to the poor – another priority candidate for Prime Minister, told Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov: “Mishustin said about priority assistance to the 20 million poor. You need to understand what is happening with the income and endowment. “For pension reform now, better not to touch anything,” – said Mishustin deputies of the Communist party (his words leads to “Interfax”).

deputies of the “United Russia” “Fair Russia” and LDPR have decided to support the candidacy mishustina. “He is an engineer, we always wanted a country ruled by engineers,” said the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky (quoted by “Interfax”). The Communist party will abstain from voting.