Foreign direct investment returned to a stable level

In 2019, the foreigners invested in the Russian non-financial companies more than $26.9 billion Is 4.6 times more than the previous year ($5.9 billion), according to the Central Bank, and slightly less than 2017 ($27.1 billion). The net inflow of investments into the Russian economy (the difference between incoming and outgoing direct investments) amounted to only $0.6 billion, but this is the first positive result from 2016 To 2018 net outflow exceeded $23.7 billion – a record since 2014 a Complete picture of foreign direct investment statistics, the Central Bank does not: there is no data on banks. In addition, the Central Bank may in the future revise the numbers.

In 2018, investment fell due to geopolitical risks and concern the business, that possible new restrictions, says the chief economist of the Russian direct investment FUND Dmitry Polevoy.

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