Mikhail Mishustin: digital model of the Prime Minister

the new Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina was in the habit at a previous job: posing as a support staff on call for people faced with tax problems, to understand the situation, talk to his former subordinates. However, could Mishustin, according to them, incognito, to call and those who do not pay taxes to create problems for them. Mishustin generally likes a show – plays the piano, writes songs and poems, can clearly speak at a conference, and then a long time to communicate with its stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs on the go giving orders to solve problems, he said.

mishustina colleagues in a voice call, the most efficient official. “Where we had achieved such a result?” – said one official with a question, why the President opted by Mishustin. His praise and entrepreneurs, for whom the effectiveness mishustina and his team at FTS have resulted in an increase in tax payments. The Russian tax service has become one of the most technologically advanced in the world, which seriously reduced the administrative burden on business and increased the predictability of the tax burden.

Pros in taxes

the Introduction of digital technologies Mishustin studied with the late 90s, when I first entered the tax office. With them, he began his career in the International computer club (ICC). The ICC website States that the club was created in Soviet times, with the permission of the KGB for bringing in the Soviet Union of high technology. He conducted the international computer forum in which, according to “Kommersant”, the government agencies purchased computers and software. Thanks to the forum came to Russia many Western corporations – Motorola, Intel, Oracle, HP, Symantec etc., approved at the ICC.

In the tax service Mishustin first appeared in 1998, then headed Rosnedvizhimost and the Agency for management of special economiceskimi areas. But 10 years later returned to business and became President of UFG Capital Partners and managing partner of UFG Asset Management, among whose founders was a former head of the tax service, Boris Fyodorov. Mishustin – experienced and successful investor, says his work in UFG CEO of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev (conveyed through a representative).

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