What gives a preliminary trade agreement that the US and China

high-ranking officials of the US and China on Wednesday, 15 January, going to sign a preliminary trade agreement in Washington. The compromise reached allowed them to break the deadlock in lasting for two years a trade war, even though he is far from what you want to do both sides.

the agreement, which must be signed by the US President Donald trump and Vice-Premier of China Liu he, party was announced in mid-December 2019, the Agreement allowed them to avoid the imposition of new U.S. import duties on Chinese products worth $156 billion, which was supposed to take effect December 15. Washington also agreed to halve the previously imposed 15 per cent duty on goods of approximately $120 billion, while Beijing pledged to increase imports of agricultural and other products from USA, to make its financial sector more open, not to devalue the yuan and better protect intellectual property of American companies. Last week, the parties agreed upon the translation of the text of the agreement in Chinese language.

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