The government Medvedev did not have time to spend more than 1 trillion rubles

the Ministry of Finance reported the preliminary results of Federal budget implementation in 2019 Departed early 2020, the government of Dmitry Medvedev for the past year mastered 18.2 trillion, or 94.2% of the adjusted budget. Thus, it does not have time to spend 1.12 trillion rubles.

Revenues for last year exceeded 20 trillion All the main administrators of Federal budget revenues exceeded the plan on transfers in the budget. The Federal tax service transferred to the budget of 12.6 trillion rubles, or 100.5% of the forecast indices, the Federal customs service of 5.7 trillion (101.6% of the planned), other Federal agencies, with 1.8 trillion roubles (to 103.5% of the target).

that the government will not have time to spend over a trillion rubles., in November, warned the Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin. Each year, the amount unspent, but budgeted money is growing, he said. In 2018, the government has spent from the planned 95,6%, failing to master 769 billion. In 2017 – unexpended remained 594 billion rubles (expenditure was executed on 96.5% of the approved lists).

acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov then told Kudrin that the money could be spent, but it would not be effective. He explained the problem with the cash execution of the budget changes in the rules, in particular the waiver of upfront payments.

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Earlier, the Finance Ministry revealed the preliminary results of the implementation of national projects. The rate of funding was lower than the budget, and 91.4% of the target. The lowest performance was in the projects “Ecology”, “Digital economy” and “Productivity and support employment.” In this fifth hourth funds for the national project “Digital economy” had spent three days at the end of the year.