The key is not to collect more taxes and to rehabilitate the market. The new head of the FNS on the purposes of the tax

First personnel decision of Michael mishustina for the post of Prime Minister was the choice of a successor at the Federal tax service (FTS). The choice was not unexpected: the service was headed by Daniil Egorov was one of his key deputies, responsible for business inspections, implementation of key technologies and new methods of control. Businesses to work with Egorov was always easy, describes a former Federal official: “He’s tough, but better to have a hard, but clear rules of the game”. Egorov himself among the projects he will do in the first place, called “statements” registry of households with their income and a new system of risk – they have already provided a strategy for the development of the FTS.

the Trust for taxes

the Task of the tax service to make the payment of tax is inevitable and at the same time as comfortable as possible, Egorov describes his approach, calling it the modeling of the behavior of the taxpayer. “First, assess who falls under the regulation of how much of the taxpayers, then look whether the proposed regulation the logic of their behavior, if appropriate – begin to test on a limited group to test, or not working model – he said to “Vedomosti”. And, constantly updating the model to implement it so as not to hit the market, but the company began to abandon the illegal schemes”. The key is not to collect more taxes and to clear the market, to make the law-abiding taxpayer and create an excellent model, he explains: “It is absolutely selfish behavior – you spend less effort”.

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