The winning goal from Pierre-Michel Lasogga was the people’s Park stadium, with its over 53,000 spectators tremble.

The 26-year-old beefy attackers from Hamburger SV decided with his goal in the 86. Minute of the game, the games in the 2. Soccer-Bundesliga against 1. FC Köln and shot his Club to the top of the table. “As the saying goes: You have to stand in as a striker because of where the Ball will fall,” he said on Sky.

“That was a very nice evening,” said the new HSV head coach Hannes Wolf after the 1:0 success. The 37-Year-old celebrated a successful home debut for his new club and was also a record. When 1. FC Cologne, ruled after the fourth League game without a win, and slipping from number one to three in a irritated mood.

the record man: for Almost two weeks at HSV, and Hannes Wolf record man. Still no coach of the tradition, the clubs managed to win the first three games. The successor to the furloughed Christian Titz don’t want to exaggerate. There is “not a recipe for success,” he said. “I’m only two weeks and have taken on a healthy, intact team. Otherwise, it would not go how the team is today, is marching on.” He just try to help the players “get their skills on the course.”

of TROUBLE: The judgement of the Cologne coach Markus at the beginning of his player was unusually clear. “After 15 minutes, the thread was torn. And we are not more come into play,” he said. At the beginning of the unnecessary ball, the legal losses, and too many individual errors. “We can’t be satisfied and can’t live with it.” Sports Director Armin Veh made his disappointment also no secret. “You can’t play,” he said. “I have not seen, that we wanted to win it.”

top SCORERS-DUEL: The game of the two in the Bundesliga, was Relegated to the duel of their two top scorers – with the clear winner Lasogga. Cologne’s Simon Terodde came with the recommendation of so far 13 hits to Hamburg, HSV-counterparty Lasogga has risen under Wolf to the bearer of hope. Not alone because of its Siegtors Lasogga ruled the two fight with Terodde. He ploughed in and in front of the penalty area, created space for his teammates, won the most head ball duels. Of Terodde was nothing to be seen.

MAN OF the match: Despite his goal Lasogga was the man of the Evening. This role Douglas Santos. The Brazilian Olympic champion to stand safely on the Defensive, driving on the left, the defence, the attacking play and provided the assist for the winning goal. “Santos is a player who settles the quality sometimes,” said sporting Director Ralf Becker. Coach Wolf said: “He is a fantastic player.” The 24-Year-old still has a contract until June 2021. Ask yourself, if he remains until the end of the term. In the summer, clubs will have a keen interest in Douglas Santos shown.

HIGH IN HAMBURG: This table after the twelfth round is for all Hamburg football Fans something to Frame: HSV first with 24 points, FC St. Pauli in Second, with 22 counters. “Even if the rivalry is big, it is for the city of nice that both clubs play such a good season,” said Lasogga. “What’s important is that we are closer to the front of St. Pauli.”