Grandparents, as both parents have the statutory right parts on it to see the grandchildren on a regular basis.Grandma and grandpa have to assume only a very limited education tasks.A common holiday should be well prepared. Otherwise problems will arise at the airport.Parents have a right of access?

Yes, grandparents have a right to contact with their grandchildren and be able to sue for this right in a court of law. Set this in the Civil code, Section 1685. To dispute it is often after a separation or divorce. The so-called right of access applies not only for the parent who lives separately from his children, but in increments for additional family members.

In the law is: as Long as it serves the interests of the child, it must be possible to contact the grandparents. This also applies if the grandparents are living abroad or in another city.

In the event of a dispute, have decided to dishes in the past, often in favor of the grandparents – because the judges assume that the contact with the older Generation is basically the child’s well-being. There are exceptions only if there are clear grounds do not exist to ensure that the child is with grandma and grandpa.

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The grandparents are not obligated to raise their grandchildren. The parents may also require only limited, what exactly should be in the common time taken. In a 2009 court ruling has decided, for example, the Berlin court of appeal, that it is for the grandparents is not reasonable to have with the grandchildren to school tasks, if you only have a single afternoon with the child.

So that families with such issues but must not pull at all before the court, it may be useful to the Wishes of the parents to adapt and respect their parenting style. In return, parents should accept that grandma and grandpa spoil your grandchildren like to once – and maybe go to the Zoo, as the unloved NAP to enforce. PDF help puberty! A child in puberty? Our PDF guide explains what’s happening with your child how you can prepare, and in critical situations, react properly.To the PDF guide

grandma and grandpa go pick up the grandchildren from Kindergarten?

the safety of The child always comes first. The tutor in a Kindergarten or crèche not therefore be passed to a child to anyone, you know. This is true even if the child tapers gleaming on his grandfather and, according to the “grandpa” calls.

The parents can authorize other people, whether a grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a friend, to Pick up. This must be with the daycare staff agreed, some institutions require a signed form. Who will pick up the child, you should make sure that he can identify himself if necessary.

What can grandparents in a medical emergency?

The fall from a climbing frame on a hard concrete or high fever: a medical emergency is happening in the case of small children, of course, even if the grandparents supervise. In the hospital or at the doctor then raises the question, what must large decide parents. The right to make medical decisions, in General, in the case of the parents, the guardians.

If the are not there, can Doctors refuse to even surgery. A child spends a longer time with grandma and grandpa, and the parents can not be within the shortest period of time, should be power of attorney over medical matters issued.

A power of attorney includes the name and contact details of the parents of the child and the grandparents. The numbers of identity card or passport may be used to identify useful. In addition, medical information about allergies, vaccinations or pre-existing medical conditions should be listed in it. It is Ideal if the grandparents have the vaccination card and the health card of the child.

grandma and grandpa with the grandchildren in the holidays?

Also, if it is to go abroad, need the grandparents a power of attorney from the parents. In addition to the contact details of all parties Involved this should also call the destination, and in English and in the language of the country of travel (alternatively: English) be written. Airlines can refuse travel if no power of attorney exists. The limitations, there can be problems.

large give parents everything?

is, in Principle, no objection to gifts. In fact, grandparents should discuss, but, especially for larger purchases, with the parents.

When the huge game, the house just doesn’t fit into the nursery or the fully automatic toy car overwhelmed the two-year-old, the child has no joy of the gift, and the parents have the Problem, this to the grandparents.

But parents also should sometimes put back: If the dress with many frills and not loops, although corresponds to the own taste, but the grandma and the little daughter, like, it can be useful, time to turn a blind eye.

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