Business requests the government to simplify the payment of debts

Businesses often need to give installments for the payment of debts, and to force banks to not delay payments for the debts, says the Association of medium and large business “Business Russia”. To do this, the organization recommends that the Ministry of economic development to update the plan to simplify administrative procedures “Transformation of the business climate” (TDK), which is now being considered in the government. “Vedomosti” familiar with the proposals, the representative of the business Association confirmed their authenticity.

Now to companies that want to pay with contractors by debts, but gradually, installments can be provided only by the courts or the creditor, but not the police officers, explains the adviser of the Board “Muranov, Chernyakov and partners” Olga Benedskaya. Moreover, while the court will consider the question of granting hire purchase, the bailiffs can seize property, to write off the money, she says. In 80% of cases, the courts simply refuse to credit, pointed out in 2018 all-Russian people’s front.

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